With seamless vocals and style to die for, we’re all over electro-pop belle Quigley.

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There’s no doubting this Minnisota native is flavor of the month and it’s easy to see why. Far from being a generic product of the music industry, Quigley revels in her newfound independence, producing all of her own music. Her latest Peter Pan-esque single “Never Be Lost Again” reflects on her growing pains, the concept of change and how she has learnt to embrace it. The video is self-styled and stays inline with her signature look, best described as Amish Nymph. Quite the renaissance lady, the songstress was a reporter and host before she decided to jump ship, move to LA and go hard at the music. Of an evening, you’ll find her gallivanting around the bars and restaurants of Hollywood with her beau, a brand ambassador for Mount Gay Rum.

Wearer of hats and full time boss babe, Wonderland talks to the artist and producer about the unlikely twists and turns of her journey so far.


How did you go from being a singer to producing your own music?

I first moved down to LA with the assumption that the stars would kind of align and I would meet a counterpart, somebody that would make my music with me, produce it so that I could write the top line and sing and I think I was searching for something that didn’t exist outside of my self so I started dabbling in production and came to that realization that the person I was looking for was myself. It was the best thing ever because when you can produce your own music, you’re limitless.

You seem to have created a particular style that people really enjoy and are really inspired by. Talk us through your different hairstyles because you’ve had quite a few? 

To be really honest, I’ve had every different shape and size of hat. I try to do different things to masque the fact that I don’t really like my hair that much. It’s been an evolution because I started with fedoras and I moved up to wearing straw hats and then for a while I started wearing cowboy hats, they seem to keep getting bigger.

You draw fashion influences from across the board from designers to Pinterest. How would you best describe your style at the moment?

I recently started describing it as glamorous grandma meets Amish cowgirl. I probably need some sort of intervention or something. I love maxi dresses and hats and bold prints. I buy most of my clothes at flee markets here in LA. I’ve been wearing a lot of different men’s Hawaiian tees recently and wearing them as dresses.

You hold an impressive resume from host to reporter. What did you learn from your various jobs?

I’ve always considered myself a writer, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I graduated high school and so I went to school for journalism so hosting and reporting really seemed to be the natural progression from there. Being in front of the camera was really comfortable for me and I thought I wanted to do entertainment reporting and talk about music and after a while I realized I didn’t just want to write about music, I wanted to make it. There was something inside of me I knew I was going to wake up one morning on the red carpet and be like “Fuck! Why don’t I just go for it?”

What’s a typical day in LA for you?

Most days I wake up to my cat meowing in my ear. I usually make my way into a writing session. Writing in LA is like blind dating. Sometimes the sessions are super duper fantastic and fireworks and magic happens and sometimes not so much. My boyfriend is a brand ambassador for Mount Gay Rum so at nights we normally visit his accounts around Hollywood and we get to have drinks and dinner at all the amazing bars and restaurants that carry his products so I’m very lucky.

Who are you listening to currently?

To be realistic, I spend so many hours a day working on my own music so the real answer is I listen to the music that I’m making. In my spare time, if I go for a run or something I like to listen to music. It’s usually Taylor Swift or Haim or something like that. Girl Pop.


Tell us the story behind the video for “Lost Again”?

I really wrote the song for myself and the music video I think was more of a self reflective, introspective cathartic process more than anything else and when I wrote it I was addressing all sorts of fears about growing up and about change. It was sort of a self-soothing way for me to say trust yourself and you’ll never be lost again.

What’s coming up for you next?

This summer I’ll be working really hard on ironing out my live show. We’re also prepping for the first single release that we’re going to be putting out this fall.

Words: Elinor Sigman


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