Thierry Lasry is injecting Fendi sunglasses with sex appeal for SS15.

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“Fetishy” and “Porny”, with a potential “Orgy” in the pipeline. Since launching his eponymous line in 2006, Thierry Lasry has been hypnotising sunglass-wearers the world over with his graphic printed acetate frames, ultra-feminine shade shapes and Cubist colours. Born in 1977, creativity came naturally to Lasry, whose father was an optician and mother a designer – in fact, the pair launched their own eyewear brand in the late 90s. “The way I approach design is very graphic, very mosaic,” says Lasry, who started in the industry in 2000. “I’m obsessed with Lego.” Teaming up with Fendi for SS15, Lasry has created a capsule collection that references one of his other long-time inspirations, Federico Fellini’s 60s classic La Dolce Vita. Evoking the sensuality, power and sex appeal of the starlets of the era – Anita Ekberg, Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, et al – the “Sylvy” and the “Fanny” were born from 80s and 90s graphics selected from the Fendi archives by Lasry and Silvia Venturini Fendi, a nod to the house codes of Graphism and Dualism. The result: two chunky, tridimensional, 8mm thick acetate frames (one cat- eye, one square) available in two psych colour ways. Here, Lasry tells us more.

Tell us about the names for your frames.

My first name ends in a “Y” and my last name ends in a “Y”. It’s weird, [the frames] are like my babies, so I give them a name ending in a “Y”. Sometimes it’s sexually-themed, names like “Slutty” or “Sexy”, but sometimes it’s about what sounds cool, for example I like high-pitched sounding names, other times there is a real story between the way the frame looks and what it is called.

It’s a subtle idea. What about the prints for this collection?

Basically my idea was to create art within the frames. I wanted the extended project to be linked to art and obviously Fendi is intrinsically related to art. I started by going through the Fendi archives, which started from 1996. I went through something like 20,000 pictures. It was pretty crazy. What’s amazing about the Fendi archives is that it’s not only pictures from the collections throughout the years, but also pictures from the mood boards, sketches and anything that has inspired Karl Lagerfeld. It might be a little picture or a sketch, but it would be the starting point in his mind for the collection. It was extremely inspiring.IshowedSilviawhat I liked as my starting point, I explained what I wanted to do with it and she thought it was very Fendi. So I designed two different patterns, both extremely geometric, both in colour.

So, Anna Cleveland, why was she the perfect campaign girl?

Well, Anna Cleveland is amazing. She is very different from other girls on this planet. For me, she is like a mix between a model and an artist. She’s so different. First of all she’s a wonderful person, so much fun and way smarter than everyone else. I really like her unique energy and if there’s one thing everybody knows me for, it’s my energy – so that was a good match. It’s just the way she moves, the way she acts is so unexpected. She has a really big personality, but she’s not fake.

Which other female muses do you find inspiring?

It’s hard to say, I can’t say there’s one girl. It’s not necessarily one person, it’s more of an attitude. I remember a few years ago around 2010, I became obsessed with Blake Lively, and the idea of young society girls. It’s always a woman with confidence, very sexy and very glamorous.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

My dream collaboration? I’m working on one now, but I can’t mention it. So other than that, it would be Comme Des Garçons. That would be really, really cool.

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Illustrations: Luca Mainini

Words: Brooke McCord


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