With a new EP out shortly, we caught up with pop-funk newcomer, Jasper Wilde, to talk disco, MJ and Sparkle!

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Jasper Wilde is the newcomer who brings the old-skool approach to his creations.

The 22 year old French native, lives in a world where he takes from the past and makes new, and what a world that is! His debut track ‘Miss Stone’ is reminiscent of early Justin Timberlake, whilst classic influences from Kool & The Gang and Prince are audibly visible. We’ve got our eye on this guy and we think that 2015 is a going to be a great year for this talented chameleon.

Give us an insight into your creative journey – where did it all begin with you?

I found music as a place to go when the world seemed to be lacking in sparkle – as a kid this was listening to Zapp Band and Michael Jackson, who gave me that sparkle. They took me to a place that just moved my body. I started playing covers of English and American songs on my guitar on the croisette which is a promenade by the beach in Cannes, France where I grew up. I’d play to tourists and even the stars when visiting for the film festival and used to make quite a bit of pocket money doing this.

Were there any previous projects before you began making the new music?

I’ve co -written and produced with other artists like Bo Saris, who is a soul singer from Holland and Preditah who hails from the UK -both enormously talented in their own ways and styles.

Were you raised in a musical family / environment? When did you first begin to write music, and can you remember the first song you ever wrote?

My grandmother is a Piano teacher in a conservatoire in  Paris and her mother before her was a voice coach for Barbara (a very famous French singer). My grandfather was English and his family are all classical musicians in England. The first song I wrote that I was happy with was called ’79’. It was influenced by my heroes such as Luther Vandross and Nile Rogers, but it was a good way to learn to write music and to start to practice how to put a song together.

You seem to have an almost nostalgic, disco / funk influence, which is given a modern twist – what sort of music / artists, were you listening too as you were growing up?

Growing up in France my mother was a big fan of Claude Francois, so a lot of him. He was a huge influence musically and style-wise for Daft Punk / Breakbot and french funky disco generally). Dad would play the Whispers and Kool and The Gang, and as a teenager I loved anything fromTimbarland, Prince and Daft Punk

What were the last 3 tracks that you listened too?

“Head” – Prince
“Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson
“Earned It” – The Weeknd

Tell us more about Miss Stone – who is she?

Miss Stone is a bit like a friend of mine. She’s horrible when you first meet her ( a little bit cold and aloof), but once you get to know her she’s like a baby cat.

..And the forthcoming EP – what can we expect from that?

Some tunes to dance too before you go out, to put you in the mood to have fun.  If you start feeling happiness in your body then your mind opens up to have a great time. They’ll hopefully put you in a good mood and you’ll sing along to them too.

If you had to choose another musician to collaborate with, either dead or alive, who would be your first choice? 

Rod Temperton, because I love Heatwave and his contribution to the MJ album ‘Thriller’, along with Quincy Jones.

And what would that track end up sounding like?

Adventurous production-wise, with depth and clarity.

Festival season is fast approaching – what are your top festival tips?

Wear something stylish, forget practical – don’t let the rain dictate to you how you are feeling (unless it is sunny of course). Take plenty of cushions,  ot’s of San Pellegrino and a Tarte Tatin. ALWAYS have fun !

What does the remainder of 2015 hold for you – if you had to look back, this time next year, would would you have liked to have achieved?

I want to write and record more material and get a second and maybe even a third EP out, so when I do my show’s in 2016 people come to hear what they know, and of course  see a great show.


Jasper’s debut EP ‘One‘ is out on June 15th.


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