Having garnered much-praise with their debut album, we catch up with NYC trio Lolawolf to see what all the fuss is about.


Zoë Kravitz’s voice is what ties together an array of musical elements on Lolawolf’s track ‘Bitch’. Let’s take it as a random sample of the kind of sound they create. We’re getting some (albeit slight) Spice Girls vibes, therefore 90s female power, check. Cinematic opening complete with violins, check. Perfect flow into a slow and sultry bass, check. There’s even a bit of rapping.

Let’s dissect ‘AYO’ as well because it deserves some attention. As slick as MIA but with a hook on the keys that elevates it into something decidedly more pop it could be a recipe for disaster but it’s a surprisingly cohesive combination, and to be honest, it’s so badass, we’re already trying to work out a dance routine to this one in our heads. A routine that incorporates us lip-syncing, definitely.

A talented bunch, band member Jimmy Giannopoulos produced the album and James Levy of Reputante completes the trio. They took some time to talk to us about Brooklyn, fashion and dealing with creative differences.


How did you all meet and how was Lolawolf born?

We’re friends from Brooklyn.  We started making music together two summers ago.  It started out as something to do just to get creative with close friends and kept going.

What do you think you each separately bring to the band?

Short answer is we are all music nerds in a big way so it’s kind of a random “what are we individually feeling at the moment while creating” sort of thing.  Roles are constantly changing.

What do you all want to achieve together? Have you set a goal you want to reach?

No set goals. Just keep writing, listening and recording.  I think continuing to learn how to translate our vibe musically and soulfully is the ultimate goal.

Do you ever have creative differences? Is the saying “three’s a crowd” ever true?

There are definitely creative differences, but in a positive way.  We all appreciate it and are constantly learning from it. The three of us listen to music differently and that allows for a foundation that is extremely easy to get lost in.  Getting lost in your music or creativity is how we explore.

Do you think the aesthetic of the band is important? Do you follow fashion or consider yourselves to have a particular style?

It’s important to translate who you really are and aesthetic is an obvious tool to help others, even yourself understand and get what your all about.  Fashion has always been linked to music, just depends how you choose to link them. If your music sucks it doesn’t matter how fly you look.


Which is your favourite song on your upcoming album and why?

Love em all.

Who would you cite as your influences?
Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Tribe Called Quest, TLC.

How did you end up with A$AP Rocky in your video for Jimmy Franco?

He’s a friend and we invited him to come down and be part of the video.  We knew he liked that track.  We had a time set up to shoot at Kenny Scharf’s studio in Bushwick and gave Rocky the information.  He showed up.

Where has been your stand-out show so far?

We played an art party for our friend Trouble Andrew. That was rad.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

More music.


Lolawolf’s debut album ‘Calm Down’ is available to download now.


Words: Lily Walker


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