Rather surprisingly, this weeks #Wonderlist only features ONE Christmas song. But as December arrives, be sure that there’ll be many more to come. However, while we get ready for the festive season, here’s a selection of dirty, emotional and glisteningly enjoyable songs for your enjoyment.

Bipolar Sunshine – ‘Daydreamer’

Bipolar Sunshine has been on our radar for a while, and his latest track ‘Daydreamer’ is an Aeroplane-esque slice of electro-lite pop. Slinky synths and reverbed vocals sit amongst elegant percussion. Like a warm Instagram filter spread across a Flipagram of romantic bike rides and designer coffee, the song is idealistic, a bit corny but entirely enjoyable.

Texas – Inner Smile 

To celebrate 25 years of Texas, Sharleen and the gang have hit the studio to re-work some of their most famous hits. This first taste, a soul re-working of ‘Inner Smile’ is adds flecks of horns and motown guitars to this sublime classic. While we’re usually wary of re-releases and re-recordings, it seems that Texas know what they’re doing here. More of this please.

Orla Gartland – ‘Lonely People’

If you imagine something between Avril Lavigne, Carley Rae Jepson and Taylor Swift then you might land somewhere near London-based singer Orla Gartland. There’s anguished lyrics about love, glittering 80s synths and hooks galore in ‘Lonely People’, and the whole thing is all bit a shiny. Yes, at times, it’s a tiny bit pastiche and the production could go further, but there’s potential here for something rather exciting.

XOV – ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

There’s soulfulness in XOV’s music, and a knack for a memorable chorus, that stops it from venturing too far in The Weekend’s gloom-ballad territory.  That’s not to say the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ isn’t almost epically melancholic, with its large, Phil Colins-like drums and vocoded vocals. And while at times it feels a bit self-indulgent, sometimes you need to just sit down and wallow in your own self-pity *cries eating a tub of ice cream*.

Treasureseason – ‘Julep’

A julep is a cocktail comprised of bourbon, sugar and mint served with crush ice, and like said drink, Treasureseason’s latest track is a sweet hit of dream pop. Fresh plays on percussion and sugary waves of icy, otherworldly synths are served in a short glass that’s enjoyable, a tiny bit cold and worth trying again.

Rae Morris – Under The Shadows

Rae Morris is finally ready to release her debut album Unguarded next year, and ‘Under The Shadows’, she says, was the last song to be recorded for the collection. While the baseline and the slams of percussion not dissimilar to Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, Morris showcases her songwriting skills here, with what is arguably her most accessible song so far. The video sees multiple ‘Raes’ marching around a house, which is a bit frightening to be honest, but we’re enjoying it. The future is bright for this one.

Ariana Grande – ‘Santa Tell Me’

Despite reading a rather amusing analysis of Ariana’s Christmas offering in which the writer argues that Ariana actually wants to be seduced by Santa, ‘Santa Baby’ is actually a welcome throwback to the Ariana of Yours Truly. Yes we’re not quite sure what it has to do with Christmas, but that’s beside the point – this is a fun and flirty addition to Ariana’s bulging collection of rather good pop songs.

Samantha Jade – ‘Sweet Talk’

Samantha Jade won Australia’s subsidiary of The X Factor and her latest single ‘Sweet Talk’ is providing us with some serious Jessica Simpson circa ‘Family Affiar’ teas. The song is all about over-the-top production complete with pastel coloured melodies and a chorus that Kylie Minogue would be proud of. Yes it has a completely unnecessary horn section and really it could be anyone singing it, but it’s so effortlessly joyous we sort of don’t care.

Juce! – ‘6th Floor’

Juce! are are rather good at this music thing. Mixing Blondie, Grace Jones and HAIM together in a London based sound, there’s something exciting about them that is quite irresistible. R&B vocals, indie guitars and distinctly pop melodies are all on offer. It might all seem a bit hipster, and in a way it is, but there will no doubt be something massive to come.  This is just the beginning.

Peking Duk ft. Nicole Millar – ‘High’

They might have a really stupid name, but ‘High’ isn’t your usual EDM fodder of ridiculous breakdowns and doom-wobbles. In fact, for something where ‘the beat’ is the main attraction, it’s actually a bit subdued and pleasant. The vocals, provided by Nicole Millar, are enjoyable and the production around them is sort of euphoric. We’re not particularly sure you’d be able to get down to this ‘in the club’, but for something atmospheric, electronic and big ‘High’ certainly delivers.

Elle King – ‘Ain’t Gonna Drown’

We’re completely obsessed with Elle King’s take on country music, and this latest track from her debut album LOVE STUFF, is a drunken bluesy number with bags of attitude and grit. Like a sweaty night in the south, there’s something claustrophobic about the song, its production close and encroaching. She might be from Brooklyn, but Elle King takes us right into an episode of True Blood, sexy vampires, hot southern belles and shirtless men galore. Pour us a drink as we’re thirsty.

Alim Kheraj

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