Moonlighting as our in house Agony Aunt, Made In Chelsea’s likeable ice queen Lucy Watson chats Tinder, tantrums and teenhood

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There are a few things to note about Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson. One, she’s a control-freak who’s super self-critical when watching herself back on TV; two, she prefers it when a guy speaks to her on a night out as opposed to tweeting her afterwards saying he was too scared to approach her; and three, she says she’s not actually that much of a bitch.

After watching a few episodes of Channel 4’s hit series back-to-back, it’s clear that Watson, with her catty one-liners and looks that kill, is Reality TV’s quintessential mean girl. With a string of on-screen spats to choose from, I’m desperate to know who would go in Watson’s burn book. “Oh my god, so many people,” she laughs. “I’m joking. I’m not really a burn book girl, I’m more of a say-it-to-your-face type.” No backstabbing with Watson – what you see is what you get. “I don’t want to name names. I don’t even want to give them the privilege of being in my burn book,” she adds when probed.

Recently, Watson started her own jewellery line, toting garish fang and claw-shaped bracelets and necklaces. “It’s called The Creature,” she tells Wonderland. “I’m quite a creative person, so I’ve always wanted to do something along these lines.” She’s sticking to acting for now, though – despite quitting drama school on day one, upon receiving homework. “I would love to play some fucked-up druggie in a play or a film one day – something really challenging,” she says. “It’s so far from what I am, or an introverted person.” If that isn’t possible though, she’ll settle for a Bond girl gig. “That would be my ideal role!”

To celebrate the release of her new self-help dating book The Dating Game, Watson plays the role of Wonderland’s agony aunt.  troublesome teen herself (“I was a nightmare”), our readers are asking the right person…

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Reader:Me and my guy have been dating for around six months now. We keep it casual (there’s no official title yet) but everywhere we go, he expects me to pay! Dinner, cinema, drinks…the lot! Should I dump him?”

Lucy Watson: Yes. That’s not okay, unless you literally earn ten times as much as him, but even then he should still pay for the occasional thing. I’m all for equal rights for women, but that’s taking it too far!

R:I’ve been with my current boyfriend for around a year, we’re officially a couple and all his friends know me. But he still won’t change his relationship status! Does this mean he’s not that into me?”

L: Do you mean on Facebook? I hate that thing. He may just not be that fussed about Facebook, but if you’ve actually asked him outright and he’s said no, then that’s slightly strange. Do you trust him? Is everything else in the relationship perfect? Because if you have a gut feeling that something else is wrong, then you could be onto something.

R:Is everyone just looking for sex on Tinder? How can I meet guys IRL?!

L: I don’t use Tinder, so I’m not the best person to advise. However from what I hear, I think it is used to go on dates. But I don’t think you should be using it to find “The One”. If you do, great! What a bonus! But there are other ways of dating. Get a friend of a friend to set you up on a date. Word of advice – never go out looking, you’ll just be disappointed. It’s always when you least expect to meet someone great that you actually do.

R: “Every time I find someone I like, it goes well for two months and then I start hearing from them less and less and eventually I get kicked to the kerb. It’s so unfair! Why does this keep happening?”

L: You need to work out what you’re doing wrong. Or it may just be bad luck. Some guys are douchebags! Some are afraid of commitment. I wouldn’t give up. Also, tell your friends what you do when you date someone. They may advise you that you are being too clingy or needy, or something along those lines. If you don’t have any friends, read my book.

Words: Brooke McCord.

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Photographer: Jessie Lily Adams.

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