We thrown an abundance of quick-fire questions to London’s very own Amy Steele.

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It’s no secret that London is awash with some of the best undiscovered and emerging talent throughout the world, and the city’s very own Amy Steele is out to prove just that.

The young singer who is no stranger to working with established artists such as The Game and Mario, has just unleashed ‘Bury You Deep’, a track which is a testament to her writing ability and intricate vocals. The track boasts the ethereal, haunting melodies of Ms Del Rey whilst her voice is bursting with the kind of soul that you would normally expect from Laura Mvula. We went in to find out more…

Give us an insight into you musical journey thus far? Where did it all begin with you and when did you realise that you wanted to be a fully-fledged musician?

Singing has always been a part of who I am; I’ve always loved it. Around four years ago I put a demo up on YouTube and got a good response, so I started making more and more music and putting it out, and it just grew from there. It was more of a gradual thing than a specific event.

Has there been any point in your career where you wished that you weren’t a solo artist – and perhaps wanted the company of other band members?

My sister is my manager and she goes with me to all studio sessions, rehearsals and events, so I do have the support of a team, which in some ways can substitute band mates. I love the independence of being a solo artist in that I can express whatever I want in my music in a way that it’s a perfect reflection of whatever I’m going through or wanting to portray.

You’re not shy of past collaborations – what did you learn from working with established artists such as Mario and The Game?

The biggest thing I learnt was the type of artist I want to be – in terms of helping newer artists. It also helped me further realize my sound and the type of music I want to make.

If you could collaborate with any other artist, either dead or alive – who would be your first choice?

Kendrick Lemar or Frank Ocean

What other artists are you really championing at the moment? Are there any stand-out tracks that you can’t stop listening to?

Anything by Sampha or Sam Smith

What song by another artist, do you really wish you had written?

Either Comfort Inn Ending by Jhene Aiko; or Running up a Hill by Kate Bush

What is the biggest guilty pleasure track in your collection?

Anything by Taylor Swift

How do you think that London has inspired you as an individual as well as your sound and overall aesthetic/ approach to your music?

I’m London born and bred, so I think the diverse combination of influences people and culture has definitely contributed to who I am as a person, which defines the experiences that I have to write about in my music. I love London, one of my favourite places to write is the tube as there’s so much going on that inspires ideas.

What are your favourite brands / designers at the moment?

I’m a student so for me it’s all about the high street stores like Zara, French connection and All Saints! But every once in a while I love to hit up Balmain, Miu Miu and Chloe.

What are your staple wardrobe pieces? Is there anything you can’t leave the house in or anything that you wouldn’t be seen dead in?

What I wear varies depending on my mood, the only thing I can’t leave the house without are my headphones. Also, I would never be seen dead in doc martins.

Who do you think always gets it right with fashion and trends? Are there any other artists who’s style you really admire?

Rihanna always gets it right, I love how she puts things together, she’s really brave with trying new things and definitely pushes the boundaries. I also really like Emma Watson’s classic style.

Tell us more about Bury You Deep?

For me, Bury You Deep is about moving on, and letting go by cutting painful things out of your life. The video, with the trampolinist was meant to convey how power and strength can be channeled to elevate someone out of despair. Overall It’s about having the strength to let things stay in the past, and not having to make sense of it.

What can we expect when the EP / album drops?

I want my E.P to be a concept piece that tells a story. I’m still toying with ideas at the moment and I’m really loving being in the studio. I find studio really cathartic as an opportunity to express things I normally wouldn’t get to. Bury You deep was quite dark and there are definitely a few others like it on the EP, but it’s also going to include a host of other messages and statements, all tied together to tell a story. It should be ready by early 2015; I’m really excited to put out my first body of work.

Bury You Deep is out on September 29th.

Words: Shane Hawkins.


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