We unite junk culture aficionado Jeremy Scott and model of the moment Lily McMenamy for a laugh-a-minute back and forth

Moschino 7

 Black and white organza gown by Moschino

Serving supersized, super-fast fashion for his Moschino AW14 debut collection, junk culture aficionado Jeremy Scott left a burger-shaped mark on the industry. During Milan Fashion Week, Scott sent quilted Golden Arches, soda-can prints, popcorn pack dresses and gummy bear gowns down the catwalk. But what of this fast-food reference? The moment show-stopper Lily McMenamy – clad head-to-toe in canary yellow and pillar box red – trotted out, the line was available to buy online. Here, we unite Scott and McMenamy for a laugh-a-minute back and forth. Did you want fries with that?

Lily McMenamy: How did growing up in Kansas inspire your work? Is there really no place like home?

Jeremy Scott: Well, I feel like there is something in the salt of the earth there that brings me back to the essence of who I am. Quite simply, I am a farm boy with big city dreams and a heart of gold.

L: Did you have a good witch there, telling you what kind of path to follow?

J: I was always determined that I wanted to work in fashion and use it as my mode of communication. I was doing work in the arts since I was a child and I loved clothes, but not until I was in high school did I see it as a job per se. I always saw it as
a passion.

Moschino 6Orange patterned strapless cady gown by Moschino

L: You’re not in Kansas anymore. What did you bring to La Milanese?

J: Being from the most American part of America, I bring a universal vision of the world; globe-centric rather than nationalistic. I try to communicate in a visual language that can be understood by the largest possible audience.

L: Who’s your favourite artist?

J: Mr Steven Meisel.

L: Do the best artists appropriate?

J: If you look back at the big art movements of the 20th century – Abstract art, Cubism, Dada, all the way to Pop Art – you see how artists influence and push one another. No matter how alone we seem as artists, we are constantly responding to the world, which we all share.

L: What do you have for breakfast? Pure protein?

J: Yes! Six egg whites every morning with either spinach or sweet potatoes.

L: Are you spiritual? You have a very powerful gaze – like a Buddhist monk who sees straight into one’s soul…

J: I am spiritual but not in the traditional sense, as I’ve never been religious. But I do feel a profound responsibility to the universe to be a loving, positive force.

L: What do you look for in a model? (Not personality please, it’s overrated.)

J: You’re so cute, Lily! I’m sorry to say that personality is very important, as there are lots of pretty faces with good bodies, but the thing that makes me feel like someone can carry my clothes comes from within. For instance, when we first met on the steps of that party in Paris, I was excited to meet you. But after we spoke, I was head over heels in love with you. That’s how a model becomes a muse.

L: What are you favourite films?

J: My favourite film ever is Teen Witch. A film that most influences my work is Blade Runner. The mix of decades and styles has always resonated with me – it’s all about the concept of how we dress.

L: I have just started college in Berlin. Is there anything you would want to study if you went back to school?

J: Oh my God, so many things. I started at NYU in the art history department, before I transferred to fashion at Pratt. I’d love to study law and philosophy, though.

L: Can one survive without fashion?
J: I certainly hope not, or I’m out of business.

L: Tell me about the typical Moschino girl… What kind of guy does she date?

J: Nothing is typical in the day of a Moschino girl, but she would date a rebel with a cause.

L: Complete the sentence: a Moschino girl would never…

J: …be boring!

L: Does Instagram breed vanity?

J: For some, yes. I don’t post that many pictures of myself, I mostly post photos of my work. It may be hard to believe, but I’m a bit shy, actually.

L: How do I make myself more famous on Instagram?

J: Hashtags, maybe? I guess you should really ask Cara [Delevingne], she’d be more insightful on the subject than I am.

L: What’s your favourite hashtag?

J: #8thgradeprettygirl.

L: What does the future hold?

J: The future’s so bright, I have to wear shades…

Moschino 5

Yellow printed organza gown by Moschino

Moschino 2

Yellow and black Spongebob wool cropped jumper, knickers and scarf and leather Spongebob boots all by Moschino

Moschino 1

Black jersey sequinned jacked and trousers and white cotton knickers all by Moschino

Moschino 4

Lily wears red and yellow boucle jacket and skirt, yellow and red leather slingbacks and red leather McDonald’s bag all by Moschino

Moschino 3

Black and white cow print leather jacket, skirt and heels and gold plastic earrings all by Moschino

Photographer Marcel Door

Fashion Editor Danielle Emerson

Words Brooke McCord

Hair Lyndell Mansfield at CLM

Make Up Mel Arter at CLM using Givenchy

Nails Ama Quashie at CLM using Chanel A/W 14 and Body Excellence Hand Cream

Photography Assistance Rory Cole

Hair Assistance Cecilie Hildebrandt

Fashion Assistance Georgina Thomas and Chloe Marfitt-Smith

Congeniality Kristina Miloslavskaya

Model Lily McMenamy at Next Model Management


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