Fast-rising soul singer Ofei makes us a playlist of his favourite songs, in honour of his new drop “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime”

OFEI Press Shot

We’ve been a fan of Londoner OFEI here at Wonderland for a while, and following previous drop – the eerily complex “Wow” – he’s just released a new cover of The Korgis’ classic “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”, re-imagining it within a fabulous meld of electronics and vocals that pack one hell of an emotional punch. In honour of the occasion he’s taken some time out of his busy schedule (in the last year he’s supported Kendrick Lamar and soul legend Shuggie Otis) to make us a mix of some of his favourite songs.

Wonderland_MixTape by Ofei on Mixcloud

From age ten to twelve I acquired some records that really inspired me – one of which was Baby D’s version of Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime. Others from the period of my life are include:

Baby D – I Need Your Loving (Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime)

Baby D’s version of Everybody’s gotta learn sometime was my introduction to the Korgis hit! I was instantly blown away! My strongest memory of the track is having it blaring in my ears as I walked back from school after being suspended. I knew this time I had really fucked up but as the record played, nothing mattered!

Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood

I’ve always had a record player around me, and when I was about ten or eleven I had a small pile of vinyls I found under a car. The car belonged to the neighbour of a family whose car I washed regularly. The car I washed belonged to a white family and their neighbours where black. I remember being annoyed with the black family because they never let me wash their car. I thought, out of principle (being a young black boy out working whilst others roamed the streets) they would let me wash the car, but they didn’t – So when I saw this pile of vinyl scattered under their car for 3 weeks I didn’t feel too guilty for finding those bad boys a new home! When I got home I remember showing the Amii vinyl to my mum and she got really excited and started telling me old stories about her – it was rare to see my mum that excited about music so I instantly became intrigued and a fan! I saw the video ten years later and it completely aligned with my vision for the song.

Ice Cube – Ghetto Bird

MENACE II SOCIETY!!! Thats ALL!!!! Opening scene!! Such a strong memory from my youth!!!

Boney M – Rasputin

This vinyl came from a hand-me-down! My mum had friends whose children were about ten years older and they would always bring us old shit….which I LOVED. This Boney M vinyl was part of that treasure.

The Korgis – Everybodys Got to Learn Sometime

I heard BadyD’s version first and was too young to know it was a cover – however when I heard the original I was blown away!!

Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocka

A friend and I had an acquaintance who was about 4/5 years older than us, he collected classic old school HipHop. Every now and then he’d lend us a CD that would dominate our lives. “Here Come the Lords” was one of them.

Rose Royce – Wishing on a Star

This was another vinyl from under the car. No words needed for such a beautiful piece.

A Love Supreme – Will Downing

In truth, I don’t love this record – it just fills me with loads of memories: visiting family, a living room cabinet, an old sofa.
Lots of memories!

3 Degrees – If and When

My mum had this old 3 Degrees record and this was my favourite track on there – when i was about 10 i would sit by the record player and play it over and over again!!!



Check out the video for OFEI’s latest track ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ here:


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