We thank the internet everyday for introducing us to Cambio Sun. Here’s what happened when we met him for a New Noise chat.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 15.03.27Cambio Sun is the long overdue solo venture from Charlie Tait – the young Australian composer who is now London’s favourite adopted son.
Tait made up one-half of instrumental duo Lusinth and we were overwhelmed when we first listened to introductory track ‘Intuition’ well over a year ago. Much to our over enthusiastic surprise, last week he dropped the heavier Weight of the World, which is just as stirring and sensational as it’s predecessor. Heavily compared to The Weeknd, Shlohmo and Guerre as well as citing his biggest inspirations as PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke, we have a rather good feeling in the pit of our stomachs about this chap. We went in to find out more.

Tell us more about your journey? What was the initial interest / route into music?

I guess I’ve always had a fascination with music. My dad has a good ear and listened to some great stuff when I was growing up. He let me use a Four track recorder of his from the 80s that I used to record Instrumentals on when I was around 12. That was probably the beginning

Were there any previous projects before Cambio Sun?

I played in a few bands throughout high school. The most recent is an instrumental duo with a friend of mine John, called Lusinth.

You’ve recently relocated to London – how does the city compare to Sydney for music and inspiration?

London’s great. For me, it’s a great privilege to be in a country that’s generated arguably the best music in the last century. I haven’t been able to have the complete London experience yet, as I’ve only been here for a short amount of time, but its amazing and scary seeing how much music is out here. The best live music I’ve seen in Sydney are bands that are touring from the US or UK. It could be to do with the regulation laws on live music in Sydney, the lack of support for developing acts as most young people just want to go clubbing but mainly I’ve found it hard finding a new band or act in Sydney that is inspiring or interesting. Australia’s best export is Nick Cave.

Has being in London inspired or altered the way in which you approach and create a piece of music?

Totally. I’ve been staying above the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston for a couple of weeks now and got a chance to see some fast rock/punk/metal stuff. Not my type of thing at all but it was incredible seeing the crowds response to that noise on stage. People go fucking crazy. Its made me rethink what music really is..

What other artists are you listening too? Who inspires the whole Cambio Sun aesthetic?

I’m constantly listening to different things that I find interesting and that are taking music in a direction we can’t pin point, but generally I listen to artists that make great music.

We love Intuition – how is the rest of the EP shaping up? What caN we expect from it?

It’s not an EP, it’s a mini album. Nowadays, acts put out their ‘EP’ as an introduction of what they’re doing and is mainly comprised of 4 songs that doesn’t particularly blend together. My mini album Retisent is a body of work. It’s intended to be listened from start to finish with no interruptions. Fairly big thing to ask of listeners now but I think if people take 25 mins out of their day some may find it worthwhile. The album is finished by the way

What is the track about? Tell us more about how it was made?

Intuition was the first track for Cambio Sun. It’s just an experiment thing influenced by artists I was listening to at the time, which was over a year ago. It’s cringe worthy talking about what that track is about, but it’s essentially about being overly attracted to a passing stranger.

What are the top 3 Most Listened too tracks on your iTunes / iPod?

Tracks I’ve been listening to a lot recently would be

Holes by Mercury Rev
Electric Counterpoint – Fast (movement 1) by Steve Reich
Horses in my Dreams by PJ Harvey

Will we be able to catch you live soon? What can we expect from the live shows because the music sounds quite atmospheric and epic.

Hopefully be back touring early next year. Expect nothing and you’re never disappointed.

If you could collaborate and invite any other artists to feature on your track – who would you love to work with?

Doubt he’ll be reading this but Matt Berninger.


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