We catch up with photographer, journalist, stylist and Editor-in-Chief of Marfa Journal, Alexandra Gordienko ahead of her talk at the ICA


An influential stylist, photographer and journalist by her early twenties, and that’s before we even mention that she founded the prestigious art and fashion magazine, Marfa Journal, for which she is now Editor-in-Chief. But her talents don’t cease there. We’re talking about Alexandra Gordienko.

Having studied fashion communication and promotion at Central Saint Martins, where she found her feet as a stylist and photographer, Alexandra also experimented with graphic design, pr, production, artistic direction and fashion design – something she still toys with today. “It’s just so pointless spending money on expensive designer clothes when you can just make better ones yourself,” says Alexandra. “Up until now I’ve made most of my clothes myself.” We told you her talents were never ending!

Having adopted a positive hard-working attitude, Alexandra realised the potential of her talents whilst coming to the end of her course deciding to create a magazine inspired by Marfa, TX. The first issue of Marfa Journal was born. No one could believe that Marfa Journal was the product of a graduate project, but with Alexandra possessing all of the essential skills to make the magazine a success, the obvious choice was for the Marfa Journal to continue.

Taking inspiration from her friends, people on the street and travel, Alexandra tells us that when she’s busy, she is inspired. “I love running around and I secretly love freaking out,” she says. “Horoscopes also inspire me, especially Susan Millers app.” Bringing creatives together, producing a publication created ‘by artists, for artists’, throughout the venture Alexandra has been sure to stick to her ever-strengthening creative vision providing a more chic aesthetic with issue two, but one that retains the raw, cutting-edge aesthetic at the heart of the magazine.

But when we look to the future of Marfa Journal, for Alexandra print is the way forward. “I want to make books because I strongly disagree that publishing is dead,” she enthuses. “ I don’t own an iPad or a Kindle, although I totally get that they are handy, but I just think books are so much more personal. They can be beautiful like paintings or sculptures. I want to make iconic books.” It’s a strong statement, but she’s going the right way about it.

As if she doesn’t have enough strings to her bow, Alexandra’s next venture in partnership with the ICA, will see the multi-talented power figure in conversation with Russian menswear designer and youth provocateur Gosha Rubchinskiy, where they will discuss his fashion design, photography and filmmaking. Both hailing from Russia and pioneering a wealth of creativity, this is set to be insightful and inspiring.

However, amongst all the hard work, Alexandra has some sound advice for those in the industry: “Don’t take yourself too seriously, calm down, love life, work hard and be kind,” says Alexandra. “Life is about having fun, and so if Marfa.”


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Marfa Journal Launch 01

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Marfa Journal Launch 03



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