Revolutionising the eyewear market, Tom Davies’ presents a luxury service like no other

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Tom Davies’ new Sloane Square store provides the perfect solution for an issue that many glasses-wearers face on a daily basis: the inability to find a frame that fits their face perfectly.

The optician takes a series of measurements in order to create the ideal frame style and shape, meaning that customers will no longer have to settle for second best. All of the frames are created in-store using a variety of specialist equipment, and Tom Davies is the only UK private practise in the country to have all the latest ZEISS diagnostic equipment.

ZEISS provide the most advanced eye-testing available with specialist systems which are 84 per cent more accurate than manual tests. Following their eye-test, customers will go on to choose their style of frame before the expert can begin to bespoke the customer and will leave feeling as though they’ve had a thorough optical experience.

Go bespoke with Tom Davies.

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Tom Davies


Words: Ryan Cahill