We chat to Eagles For Hands about animals, body parts and remix choices ahead of his gig at Farr Festival this July

Eagles For Hands

Where did the name Eagles For Hands come from?

I spent hours matching animals with body parts, and those two just clicked! No, it was very unplanned, I just happened upon it with a mate, and liked the abstract imagery it created. Plus I felt it worked well with my music.

It’s certainly memorable! So what’s is your musical background?

I started off learning cello and the drums. Then as I got older I took up the guitar, which turned me onto songwriting. So, growing up I played in bands and orchestras. It wasn’t until I went to uni that I discovered electronic production and fell in love with creating my own arrangements, being in control of the whole shebang.

Youve been fronting some impressive remixes, how do you decide which tracks to remix?

I’m usually led by the vocal, working out whether my sound can add to it in an interesting way. Sometimes you just hear an incredible vocal and have to remix it!

Your latest release Handprints/Glitterall is obviously your own sound, what influences or inspires the music you create?

Everything really. I think the music of your youth plays a huge part in moulding your tastes later down the line. For me it was anyway.  So those influences, plus all the new exciting things I hear, all go into a big melting pot of sounds which come out in the writing process to create something new, hopefully.

What about your creative process, what comes first the beat or the vocals?

I really enjoy working with a vocal idea and building sounds around it. It’s not so much the lyrics as the melody which inspires the mood and pace of a track for me.

And ultimately what do you want to provoke through your sound?

I love emotional, epic music but also music that’s fun and makes you smile and dance. Those are normally the two things in the back of my head when I’m writing.

What do you prefer, creating remixes or creating your own material?

Both have their pros and cons. Remixes are fun because you have a starting point, material to play around with. And original material’s great because you’ve got so much freedom.

Can we expect more original material from you?

Yeah, this is just the beginning really. I’ve got two more releases ready to come out this summer. I’m also working on an EP which I hope to have out before the end of the year.

Exciting! Which other emerging artists are you currently backing?

There are so many incredible artists around at the moment. Even just my mates in Brighton make incredible sounding music. I’m lucky to be surrounded by lots of talented people.  I recently got into this duo from Germany called Grandbrothers – one guy plays the piano and the other guy triggers hammers via midi messages from a computer that hit the piano strings to make rhythmic patterns. It’s really beautiful, interesting music.

What is your most memorable gig to date and why?

I’m hoping to clock up a few memorable ones over the festival season this summer! Can’t wait of course for Farr, and I’ve just got back from a festival in Greece called Plissken which had a great vibe.

Apart from Farr, what else does 2014 have in store for you?

I’m working on new material all the time, so loads more releases of my own, and live shows. And I’m also producing some great singers at the moment, so can’t wait for them to come out too.

You can catch Eagles for Hands live at Farr festival July 18th-20th.


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