This week in Hit List – with Glasto starting today, we’re gathering our best beads, feathers and attitude for a festival special.


Religion Magic Print Maxi Dress

Item one on the checklist – a free-flowing hippie dress that demonstrates our free spirit. If you’re going to go cliché, then there’s no better than the spectacular print and sugary sweet fit of this maxi from Religion.

Available for £95 from Religionclothing.co.uk


Warehouse Denim Shorts Dungarees

No festival goer can be cool and alternative without dungarees, the mini-overalls that scream looking good without giving a fuck, right? We love the style of these Warehouse dungarees. Pair with Converse for new age fun with a vintage feel.

Available for £48 from Warehouse.co.uk

HitListFestivalLolitaLempicka Eau Jolie Flacon+Etui HD

Lolita Lempicka L’eau Jolie Fragrance

Between music moshing and days frolicking around muddy tents, festival-goers need a little fragrant spritz now and again. Look no further than Lolita Lempicka’s new L’eau Jolie fragrance. With notes of Nashi Pear, Peony and Sandalwood, the lightweight fragrance is sweet, gentle and perfect for festival time.

Available for 30ml at £28

Carrera 5004 Craze Collection Sunglasses

Eyewear during festival season isn’t only for obvious protection from those darn harmful rays, it’s a stylish must. Fortunately, the new Craze Collection from Carrera is a one stop shop for all of your festival eyewear needs. Colourful, comfortable, and nearly indestructible, these babies are the coolest thing since tent-pimping at Glasto.

The above is available for £85 from 0800 723 45600

Office INDUSTRIAL 14107 11599 APRIL

Office Industrial Beige Sandals

Quit whining about the mud and grab these sandals. The beige leather sandals are cute but not too girly and will stay on your feet whilst you show off your pedicure – you know, until the mud destroys it.

Available for £55 from Office.co.uk


Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquer in Bouganville

Speaking of pedicures, this liquid colour bomb from Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect accompaniment to all of your festival needs. It’s bright, loud and coats beautifully, so your nails will look flawless even when you’re passed out and sun burnt.

Available for £19 from Harrods.com


John Frieda Flyaway Tamer

The rule of festival beauty is to look like you don’t give a damn while looking damn fine. This impressive little wand from John Frieda will help you do just that. Without making hair greasy, the brush pats down wispy fly-aways.

Available for £10.99 from Boots.com

Givenchy HydraSparkling Lip and Cheek Stain

Get that sunny, rosy look from drunkenly dancing all day with this incredible little cheek and lip balm. Soft and creamy, the lightweight formula adapts to your skin tone and lasts for hours. An amazing touch-up without the fuss – true festival spirit.

Available for £21 from 0207 5638834


River Island Tribal Print Trousers

Festivals are one part music, one part self-discovery, and one part out-doing your friends in style. We’re convinced these fantastic blue-tinted, cheetah-print trousers with monochrome tribal relief from River Island will do the trick.

Available for £30 from 0844 576 6444


Acne SS13 Music Vest

Alright, if you’re at a music festival, why fight the obvious? This lightweight T-shirt vest from Acne literally proves your love of music in a cool, ironic manner. Pair with the wild pair of cut off trousers above to complete the festival look.

Available from Acnestudios.com


Gucci Diamond Glitter Collection Sunglasses

As we stated above, festival sunglasses are an absolute must, from the wild, bright colours of Carrera to these incredible Gucci Diamond Glitter frames. Coming in a range of colours, the sunglasses literally sparkle, adding stylish magic to an already magical moment.

Available for £210 from 0800 723 45600

Hunter Festival Millbank Pink Neon Trainers

As much as we try to tell ourselves Glasto and the best summer festivals will be sun-filled days of fun, reality and past experience tells a story of rain, mud and that drunk dude spilling beer down your back. To deal with these little mishaps, get a pair of these hardcore Hunter trainers. Not only spikey in honour of the punk trend, these bad boys are waterproof.

Available for £89 from Hunter-boots.com

YSL Baby Doll Mascara

There’s a reason we keep mentioning this tube of wonder. Brush on for a wide-eyed Bat For Lashes look.

Available for £24.50  from Yslbeauty.co.uk

Words: Elise Marraro (follow Elise on Twitter @PardonMe_Lissie)


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