Looks like John Galliano won’t be adding ‘university lecturer’ to his CV anytime soon.

John Galliano Parsons Class Cancelled

A few weeks ago, we reported that Parsons was to host John Galliano for a three-day workshop entitled Show Me Emotion. Now it seems that Galliano’s would-be career as a Parsons teacher has been stopped in its tracks.

In an email leaked to Fashionista, Parsons administrators announce that the workshop has now been cancelled. “It was a condition of our agreeing to host Mr. Galliano that we also hold a larger forum, which would include a frank discussion of his career,” the email states. “Ultimately, an agreement could not be reached with Mr. Galliano regarding the details of that forum, and so the program will not move forward.”

It’s a total 360 for the university, which until recently had been committed to hosting the once-disgraced designer despite calls for him to be dropped. In fact, an online petition demanding his removal garnered over 2,000 signatures.

“This is a person who was fired from Dior for his anti-semitic remarks… So why is Parsons The New School for Design hiring him?” the petition asks.

Well, looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Ultimately, we don’t know if Parsons dropped him due to student pressure or if Galliano was personally hostile to a “frank” (read: probably very uncomfortable) discussion of his career so far. But it’s an interesting development in Galliano’s career nevertheless, which has recently seen the designer work quietly behind-the-scenes on Oscar De La Renta’s show.

Do you think Parsons did the right thing? And do you think John Galliano will ever be forgiven for his anti-semitic outburst?