Brooklyn’s Ana Lola Roman – a part Spanish, part Oklahoman chanteuse and sound designer – released her newest EP Keep It Mellow yesterday. To celebrate, her foremost personal photographer David Shults will be shooting her in a “day in the life” style montage for UK publication the 405, and spoke to Wonderland ahead of the project.

When, where and how did you happen up Ana Lola Roman“>Ana and her work?

Ana is multi-talented. I actually became aware of her through her photography work a few months ago through a Facebook photo network and that lead me to her music.

What was your immediate reaction to it?

The first track I heard was Klutch on Amazing Radio BBC and it was just one of those music moments I love where you’re stunned because not only is it great music, but you haven’t heard anything like it.

Did you know you wanted to collaborate with her from the get-go?

Absolutely. She has such an expressiveness. I was immediately drawn to wanting to photograph her.

What do you tend, accidentally or not, to bring out in her character during a shoot?

She’s got a sharp sense of humour. But really, I think the greatest thing was that when I was shooting a recent rehearsal, it was as if I wasn’t there even though half the time I was up in her face. She’s not posing or even noticing me, it’s just Ana being Ana.

Name your favourite music photographers.

Neal Preston for his shots of Led Zeppelin. I never get tired of those. Jim Marshall is legendary. He photographed everyone so well.

What will “the day in the life of Ann Lola Roman” shoot entail? Will you be following her every move for 12 hours, for instance?

That’s the basic plan – to just follow her around and capture what goes on. I think it will be a great, candid series.

What is it about her music, and look, that stimulates you?

Again, there’s an amazing expressiveness to her, both in her music, and even when she is just standing there saying nothing, she is conveying this powerful energy and emotion. Her music has this quality that says “I don’t want you to just listen, I want you to be a part of this experience.”

Words: Jack Mills
Ana Lola Roman