Trusted-but-teeny-tiny LDN record label Moshi Moshi – responsible for breaking acts like Hot Chip, Lykke Li, Bloc Party and Au Revoir Simone (read: some of the noughties’ most memorable indie bangers) – were more than happy to offer us a list of their biggest and brightest summer songs. Enjoy!

1. Summertime – Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. The best summer song ever?

2. Staying Out For The Summer – Dodgy. Still awaiting a critical re-evaluation which will likely never come, nevertheless this song fires very fond memories of festival-going in the mid-90s.

3. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles. What can you say about this copper-bottom classic? You don’t even need to hear to the whole song – the opening four bars are enough to evoke a pavlovian response of “ahhh… I want ice cream”.

4. (Sh-boom) Life Could Be A Dream – The Darts. If anyone remembers the Darts I’d love to hear from you. Sometimes I think I invented them. Anyway, this would be the soundtrack for 1970s holidays in Torquay, before Metronomy made it cool.

5. Crazy In Love – Beyonce. Ahh summer 2003. It was the summer I got made redundant and started working for Moshi Moshi full time. And it was HOT. And this song was everywhere.

6. Sun – Caribou. Sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun-sun

7. Robbie Dupree – Steal Away. For this one I have to give credit to Rich Taylor. Tax advisor to the stars and the best BBQ DJ in the country right now.

8. Ready For The Floor – Hot Chip. Had to put Hot Chip in there somewhere. The best festival band in the world.

9. Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilsson. A good car song for the summer. Play as you leave the city.

10. Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Roy Ayers. The best summer song ever II?

Words: Gavin Jewkes