Although it is a slightly wicked thing to say, it comes with an undertone of the mildest of gall, when presented with yet another desirable thing from the growing scrapbook of Tom Ford’s empire, to admit I love it. (Because his perfumes are a personal favourite too).

There is history.

About a decade ago, a fabulous party at either London’s Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci store – I don’t remember, and it was so long ago the event can’t be Googled, – we pretended to hate his meticulous attention to detail, (everything was black from the canapes, to the drinks, to the goody bags), but really we LOVED it! Nothing was ‘amazing’ back then, it was ‘dreary.’ Even when it so obviously wasn’t.

So here is the newest amazing thing, that is in no way dreary. Tom Ford’s beauty range.

Beauty News:  Tom FordBeauty News:  Tom Ford

Attached pics: Tom Ford Purifying Gelee Cleanser, £45.00; Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturiser, £165.00.