As designing duo Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle, better known as Leutton Postle, work on their A/W12 collection, we sit down with them to discuss their preternatural, lovingly-composed knitwear brand. The girls, who met at Central Saint Martins last year, will continue to contort traditional uses of yarn, and fantasise-out-loud to us about designing for The Spice Girls…

If you were to knit a hero of yours a Christmas jersey – who would it be for?

THE SPICE GIRLS. Personalised jumpers for each of them, as they were…

Name your five favourite yarn fabrics.

In no particular order…Viscose, Mohair, anything metallic, Angora and anything space-dyed.

When did you first get interested in knitting?

Sam: I got into knitting on my BA (in textiles) as I liked creating my own fabrics. I really love the constructive element of knitting.

Jenny: My mum tried to teach me a few times but I could never quite pick it up. I used to get so frustrated with her. Then on my BA it just clicked and I simply knew I had to knit. I’d previously fancied myself as a printer.

Leutton Postle SS12 Full Show from VAUXHALL FASHION SCOUT on Vimeo.

Sam, you briefly lived in China after graduating. What do you think you learned from the experience?

I learned there’s less creative freedom in a huge company. I also learnt the importance of quality-control, and that’s something I’ve really taken with me.

In what way did it inspire you to start Leutton Postle with Jenny? Whose idea was it?

Jenny: Leutton Postle was initially my idea, but I think it was fairly obvious that it was going to happen. It’s quite unusual for two best friends to share such a similar and distinctive aesthetic. I don’t know anybody else who works in the same way as me other than Sam.

Sam: After China I wanted to get back to exploring my own work for a while. Jenny finished her MA at exactly the right time – it all fell into place.

You’re the Lennon and McCartney of knitwear design – comparing and improving each other’s ideas. Discuss…

HA! Now that’s a compliment! Maybe a little to complimentary, but yes we work together well. We work equally on everything from the colours to the textiles to the shape. It just works.

Any new year’s resolutions?

Sam: I’m gonna run a half marathon, and I want to make more sausages.

Jenny: Diet! And watch more films.

Are you decorating the office this Christmas? Any creative tips, hints or suggestions?

We will be, yes. We did our home though as we just had a Christmas. For me, it’s all about tinsel and lots of it. But a pom-pom always goes down well on a tree.

Leutton Postle
Words: Jack Mills