20-year-old Pixie Lott is something of a triple threat having released music (her debut album “Turn It Up” sold in excess of one million copies), starred in a feature film (Fred: The Movie) and designing clothes for Lipsy (now in her second year with the fourth collection out now for Christmas). Returning to the charts earlier this year with number one hit “All About Tonight”, today Lott releases the second single, “What Do You Take Me For” ahead of her second album “Young Foolish Happy”. We ask her about her album’s new sound, her musical collaborations and fall foul of the ultimate spanner in journalistic research – Wikipedia.

Describe your music in five words;
Soulful, fresh, fun, emotional, mature

How Young were you when you first kissed someone?
Maybe 12? We used to go to these under 18 nights which were called Capital VIP and they were all over the place at different venues and I used to love them. There would be loads of under 18s and you would meet each other and kissed. So my first kiss was with one of those Capital VIP boys.

What’s the most Foolish thing you’ve done?
I went on holiday this year with two of my best friends to Greece and one night I tattooed someone’s leg – and it was a permanent tattoo. It actually went really well. I wrote my name. Maybe not so foolish for me but maybe for him.

What makes you Happy?
Lot’s of things. My friends and family, laughing, going on holiday, being on stage, performing, Christmas, sunshine – everything.

Your new album is called Young Foolish Happy and features a number of collaborations – Pusha T (What Do You Take Me For), Marty James (Dancing On My Own), Tinchy Stryder (Bright Lights (Good Life) Part II), John Legend (You Win) and Stevie Wonder (Stevie On The Radio) – that is an amazing mix of people!
It is quite random, but it is amazing. Stevie Wonder is my all time favourite so that was incredible just to meet him so I was really happy. We have a feel good kind of throwback track and he plays harmonica which all happened through a mutual friend – the same with John Legend, really. Marty is an American artist and I wrote and recorded a track with him and Tinchy has a song on his album which I sang on which I really liked and then I wrote my own versus and a chorus and put that on my album.

You’re new single – with Pusha T – is called “What Do You Take Me For” and there is a bit of product placement in the video – a Citron – did you get a free car?
[laughs] No. I can’t actually drive. My new year’s resolution was to pass my test – [sarcastically] it’s going really well– I want to try and do it before the year is out. The Citron has also made an appearance in my Broken Arrow video from last year. I have a love for Citrons.

What is going on with your acting career?
I was in Fred [The Movie] last year, which is family viewing –

And you’re doing something else now, right?

What? But Wikipedia says you’re in a film.
Does it say “Baby Jesus”?

Yeah. I’ve been asked about this in loads of interviews but I actually have nothing to do with it. We were in talks with the people but that was it and I don’t think the film is even happening. But the news got out, but I don’t have any info on it.

You were a guest judge on The X Factor last summer, were you considered for the panel of this years’ show?
I don’t think so – at least I wasn’t asked – but I think the panel is really good and it’s spiced the show up a bit and I think it’s very entertaining. As for the contestants, I think Craig is really good and I think Mischa is great – I watched her Rolling in The Deep on YouTube and it’s fantastic. And I liked Johnny! He was so funny.

Which other musicians do you admire?
I went to see Rihanna at the O2 and she was really amazing. I don’t know how she does it! She was out the night before and I was thinking “if I did that, I couldn’t get on stage!” and when she sang “Cheers” she said “cheers and did a shot” and again I was like “if I did that I wouldn’t be able to hit my notes!” She is impressive.

“What Do You Take Me For” is released today and second album “Young Foolish Happy” is out next week under Mercury.
Interview: Seamus Duff