The magnetic singer-songwriter drops autobiographical new track, “Midnight Killer”, alongside accompanying visuals.

After dedicating 2023 to her mental health, terminating her label deal, removing her online presence, and shifting her focus from endless scrolling to her music, Stela Cole makes a comeback in 2024 with the release of a deeply introspective and emotionally resonant track titled “Midnight Killer”.

The song begins with a mesmerizing arrangement of notes, as Stela, whose real name is Holly Shadinger, softly sings over the enchanting melody. Throughout the track, Stela’s velvety lyricism glistens, eliciting a feeling of emotional vulnerability as she delicately captivates with lines such as “She’s the nightmare of your dreams, Slow dance at the bar little voice in your ear”. Towards the final moments of the track, the instrumentation subtly recedes, allowing Stela’s ethereal vocals to take centre stage.

Listen to the track…

Explaining the inspiration behind the song, Stela shares, “It’s about the revival of empowerment and re-discovery after losing myself. It’s about becoming stronger through the pain, and learning how to protect my heart and energy moving forward. It’s the Phoenix rising from the ashes. No more sacrificing my character. No more losing myself.”

Teaming up with acclaimed directors Eliot Lee and Maya Sassoon, along with co-star Noah Gonzalez, the visuals for “Midnight Killer” are set within a timeless bar, blending elements of femme fatale allure with relatable human experiences.

Check out the video below…