The Canadian rising star announces long-awaited return with a new sincere grungy-pop banger.

renforshort’s debut album, “dear amelia,” marked a pivotal moment for the Canadian singer-songwriter, establishing her unique vocal pop style infused with a bold, nostalgic grunge flair. Now, with her latest release, ‘Serpentine,’ renforshort continues to captivate. Produced by Jonny Lattimer (known for his work with Rina Sawayama) and Jeff Hazin (credited with Glaize, Tai Verdes, Midwxst), the track unfolds as a melodic and heartfelt homage to independence and solitude.

The song kicks off with an infectious guitar riff, complemented by renforshort’s enigmatic vocals. Drawing inspiration from the late alternative indie/rock artist Elliott Smith, the artist showcases her adept songwriting skills, creating a piece that resonates with empathetic storytelling. The ambient production adds depth, allowing her sincere lyrics to come to life.

Speaking on the creative process and inspiration behind the track, renforshort says, “’serpentine’ is a song that at its surface is about walking alone through London. In crafting the melody, we drew inspiration from the style of the legendary Elliott Smith, whose influence is evident in the musical arrangement. Working with Johnny was a truly enriching experience, as his creativity and talent added so much depth to the song. It’s a special piece for me, being the first track, I envisioned for the project reflecting the independence, solitude and isolation I felt during my month long stay alone in London. The simplicity and honesty of the song captures such a personal moment, and I’m grateful for the experiences I had while creating this song, with a nod of gratitude to the melodic influence of Elliott Smith.”

Serving as a testament to renforshort’s evolution as an artist, “Serpentine” delves into themes of introspection and resilience, echoing the raw emotion found throughout her discography. renforshort’s vocal delivery effortlessly intertwines with the pulsating rhythm, creating an immersive sonic experience that lingers long after the final note fades. With “Serpentine,” renforshort solidifies her position as a boundary-pushing force in the grunge pop genre, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what musical gems she’ll unveil next.

Listen to the track below…