Rising singer-songwriter unveils her latest fiery new introspective electronic-pop track.

Charli Lark has crafted an innovative and nuanced sound through layered lyricism combined with potent, introspective vocals. Backed by cutting edge production, Charli has carved out unique soundscapes whilst carrying listeners through turbulent emotions amidst a self-described need for blistering catharsis. On ‘Limbo’, the rising star turns her attention to a past break-up. Lyrically potent, Lark’s vocal magnificence shines through as she delicately croons on the synth-laden track. ‘Limbo’ is a showcase of Lark’s innate knack for connecting with her audience, all set against a thumping, sonic electric backdrop.

On the inspirations for the track, Charli explains “I left a long relationship that I had struggled so hard to fix while I was still in it. But little by little all these pieces inside had been dying. My heart had been breaking for a long time, my mind had been closing, and by the time I actually walked out the door, there was nothing left to revive. So, for me, when I finally decided to let go and move on, it was just complete freedom, no looking back. But there’s this gap, this limbo, between where you are and where the other person is, and they just can’t get that you’re already gone.”

Listen to the track…

Red4Music · Charli Lark "Limbo"

Charli Lark’s latest electronic pop offering is a mesmerizing fusion of infectious hooks and atmospheric synths, capturing listeners with its irresistible energy. With ‘Limbo,’ she effortlessly navigates the intricacies of heartbreak, infusing each note with raw emotion and undeniable charisma. It’s a testament to Lark’s artistry and we’re excited to see where she goes for the rest of 2024.