The mastermind behind Dsquared2’s latest campaign, Nadia Lee Cohen, has done it again!

DSQUARED2 SS24 x Nadia Lee Cohen

DSQUARED2 SS24 x Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen’s Dsquared2 SS24 campaign is an iconic homage to the legendary era of 1990s San Fernando Valley, where the allure of Hollywood intertwined with the adult film industry. Cohen’s visionary approach, coupled with D2’s legacy of provocative campaigns, delivers an electrifying narrative that captivates from start to finish.

The campaign’s authenticity shines in every detail, from the deliberate inclusion of deadpan delivery to the intentional display of set edges and crew members. Cohen’s decision to provide actors with their lines only on the morning of the shoot mirrors the spontaneity of 90s adult film sets, resulting in a charming, raw and genuine performance.

Under Cohen’s direction and D2’s creative guidance, the campaign emerges as a powerful testament to fashion freedom. With Giovanni Bianco’s unwavering support and designers Dean and Dan Caten’s endless creativity, every aspect of the project presents pure passion. Dean and Dan share with Wonderland, “We’re so excited to have been able to work with our good friend and collaborator Nadia Lee Cohen on this campaign as we have such a longstanding relationship with her and an admiration for her and her work; she has such an innate understanding of our ideas and really brings them to life while adding her very own signature flair. Nadia is an incredible storyteller and was the perfect person to capture and convey the exact aesthetic we were going for with this collection.” Nadia Lee Cohen’s D2 SS24 campaign is an epic blend of nostalgia, authenticity and bold creativity; a true celebration of an iconic era in fashion history. Preview the campaign below…