The Dallas-based alt-rock group unleash their latest dance floor anthem, showcasing their soulful melodies, provocative songwriting and unique approach.

Alt-rock group The Dirty Shirts unleash their latest dance floor anthem with their stellar new single “Midnight Casanova”. Showcasing their soulful melodies, provocative songwriting and unique sound, this new offering is truly making waves on the scene.

Delving into themes of love and death, “Midnight Casanova” is a mysterious track with swooping riffs, punchy rhythms and dark vocals. Promised to transcend listeners into a lustful and crazed nightlife trance, the Dallas-based band have delivered an edgy and anthemic single.

Speaking on the project, The Dirty Shirts lead singer/guitarist Nick Santa Maria shares, “I’ve written a few songs about female characters now, mostly because I find it really easy to convey strong feelings through them. It’s probably because I’ve been surrounded by remarkable, badass women in my life. Based on the way we’ve seen how a bunch of dudes think, it’s probably best to look at things through a woman’s point of view anyway.”

“Midnight Casanova” is an eccentric sound that is guaranteed to uplift any room and have you grooving all night long. The Dirty Shirts’ presence in the rock world is wholeheartedly appreciated and we’re loving watch them propel towards sonic stardom.

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