We connect with the producer and instrumentalist to discuss the dichotomy of his artistry, and the inspiration, process and meaning behind his new LP.

New Zealand-based producer and musician Race Banyon is all about pushing boundaries. Also releasing under the alias of Lontalius as a singer and instrumentalist, under the Race Banyon title it feels like we hear the very essence of him as a creative. It makes sense then for his debut album under the name to be self-tilted.

Genre-bending to an elusive pinnacle, the new body of work is sprawling yet refined, full of textured productions and savvy sampling. The 10-pronged project plays with the sonic sensibilities of R&B, house and techno, framing them in an electric and experimental manner. It’s an album born from its influences but truly formed and matured by Banyon’s desire to be free to musically express himself. Luscious yet booming, serene yet stomping, it’s an enthralling listen.

We connected with Banyon, discussing the dichotomy of his artistry, and the inspiration, process and meaning behind his new LP.

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Congratulations on your debut LP! How are your expectations for the release?
Thank you – I’m just happy to have it released into the world. It’s no good sitting on my hard drive.

Can you tell us a bit about the tracks and the story behind it?
It’s a collection of tracks I’ve been working on for the last year or so. Trying to push myself into some new areas.

How did you first get into music, and who were your earliest influences?
I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was young. I got very interested in computer production which is how I discovered electronic music, really. I listened to a lot of Four Tet and Burial. In the early 2010s I listened to a lot of Boiler Room/Rinse FM mixes and fell in love with the music coming out of the UK.

How do you approach the creative process when producing your music?
I just want to have fun. Sometimes I might have an idea beforehand, or the type of track I want to make. But usually I am just playing around until I’m inspired by something.

With Race Banyon, how do you think this new chapter represents your musical evolution?
Someone else could probably better see an evolution in it, I feel like I am just continuing to work. I want to feel like I am on a train that can’t stop.

What are the main differences between Race Banyon and Lontalius? And biggest similarities? Would you say these two alias complement each other?
They are similar in emotional tone, I think. I’m drawn to the same feelings across different genres. I see Race Banyon as slightly more angsty, the part of my brain that wants to run around in circles til I tire out. Lontalius is more introspective and still.

How would you define your artistic essence?
I just try to take the feelings I feel and put them into music.

What sets this new LP apart from your previous work? And what excites you most about this new project?
I’d never done an LP. I make quite a lot of music and the idea of putting out more singles didn’t feel right. It’s great to hear these as a collection. I think it works.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as musicians?
I’d like to get better at what I do and find some new ways of expressing myself. I’d like to play more shows, I’m curious how I can bring these ideas into a live setting more.

With this LP now to be released, what’s next for Race Banyon? Do you have any future projects or collaborations in the works?
There is nothing planned but I won’t stop.