We caught up with the rising multi-lingual artist to discuss the impact of her cultural background on her creativity, her musical output, and what the future holds.

One of the hottest young talents emerging this year, Nigerian-born, London-based rapper brazy has been demanding an increasing level of attention with every passing release. Despite being merely 21 years old, there is confidence, charisma and craft oozing from her artistry.

Known for her multi-lingual approach to songwriting – rapping in English, Yoruba, French and Zhōngwén, the rising star blends the styles of afrobeats, amapiano, electronica and dance into a dynamic, coherent and progressive amalgamation of genre, self-coining the approach as ‘afro-sexy, afro-future’. She recently had a stint with Casablanca soundtracking Mugler, an indicator of her chameleonic and characterful ambitions.

brazy has returned with a new single, “omg”. There is something immediately undeniable about the track; she flicks between from English to Yoruba effortlessly, seamlessly spitting atop the energetic production from Parked Up. Augmenting her acclaim, brazy has the sound, skill and image to become a global force.

We caught up with brazy, discussing the impact of her cultural background on her creativity, her musical output, and what the future holds.

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What inspires you to create? 
I’m inspired the most by how other forms of art make me feel – when I hear a song I love, I instantly want to make a song that duplicates the excitement I felt in that moment… I get so gassed, I want everyone to have that “I love this, I want to listen again, I want to share this with everyone” feeling.

How has your cultural background shaped you as a musician and creative?
Growing up in Nigeria and around Nigerians has absolutely shaped my creative work. It’s where I got my confidence, my work ethic, my swag – have you ever met a Nigerian who cares about what anyone thinks? Not the ones I know, and that boldness radiates through my music. My love for studying other cultures and languages has also had a huge impact on how I create, I’ve unlocked a whole new range of sounds that I never would have if I limited myself to write in English alone – music is about the bounce, it really doesn’t matter what I’m saying.

How would you describe your essence as an artist? 
My essence is fresh, it’s new, it’s fun, sexy, it’s “what already exists is great, but why don’t we add to it with something even better”. I’m an innovator, I like to create new things – why not?

To you, what stands out to you as an artist? 
You really never know what you’re going to get with me – I’m full of surprises, whether it’s the genre of the song, the language I’m speaking on the song, how I speak, what I do in my free time… I’m the most random, spontaneous person and it definitely reflects in my art. I genuinely try everything, do whatever I want and let myself have fun with it all and you can hear it, that’s very rare.

Your recent features with the likes of LEN and DBN Gogo have been really impressive. To you, why is collaboration important? 
I mean, what’s better than one icon on a song? Collaborating with artists brings a whole new edge to the track, you unlock a vibe working together that you wouldn’t have been able to alone. Everyone has what makes them great and merging the two worlds together makes for something beautiful, just listen to “Addiction and Attends” Remix!

What can we expect from your next single?
I’ve never heard anything like it before and I’m sure no one else has either, it’s quite literally Afro-sexy Afro-future. We’re bringing back club music, we’re bringing back dancing in the club, we’re bringing back anthems

Where do you want to take your artistry?
I find this question quite hard because I don’t really plan where I want my music to go sonically, I just want to be the best that ever was and that’s all. I’m an icon and I have an iconic sound, I want everyone to be able to hear it… over and over again.

What else is to come from you this year?
More music… I promise! Really amazing music. I’ve been sitting on some of these songs for ages, for absolutely no reason at all and I’m sorry lol but now you’ll finally get to enjoy it with me. You’ll see a lot more of me too, I want to share brazy and everyone who exists in her world with you all!