Get to know the talent and thoughts of the stellar Nigerian singer-songwriter who is on a cathartic musical journey…

Join the Nigerian singer-songwriter, Oladapo, on a cathartic journey, relating to those who have experienced the ache of meaningless emotional connections. With his 10-track project, “IN CASE I NEVER LOVE AGAIN (ICINLA)”, Oladapo tells a tale of poignant intimacy.

The project opens with the profound track, “ELEVATOR PITCH,” setting the scene for the
emotional voyage that lies ahead of each listener. Swiftly, the project trescends into his stellar focus track, “IF AT ALL”, a song about delving into the inner turmoil that accompanies the pursuit of love.

Oladapo, otherwise known as Tonade Oldapo Adetunji, hails from Ogun State, Nigeria and is renowned for his captivating freestyles shared on Instagram. Olapdapo’s refreshingly unique sound quickly amassed widespread recognition from the Afrobeats scene for his immense talent, with his breakthrough single being “Proud”.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the rising star to discover his early love for music, his new 10 track project “IN CASE I NEVER LOVE AGAIN (ICINLA)” and what is in the pipeline for the Afrobeats artist…


Read the full interview below…

Hey Oladapo! How are you doing?
I’m doing alright, I’m jiggy, feeling blessed.

When did you start writing music and what initially drew you to the art form?
It started out as a way of writing my thoughts down while in boarding school during prep time. I used to do really well in school then, this was when I was in JSS2 in Ogun state. So I’d have read every single one of my school notes and known it all by heart, reading it over and over got boring so I started writing down random thoughts instead, then graduated to poems then to songs. Looking back, they were pretty good songs, corny but good. Honestly, I wouldn’t say anything necessarily drew me to song writing, I sort of stumbled upon the gift.

How would you describe the essence of your sound?
Two words, emotional intimacy. Drawing inspiration from true experiences, present, past or future. Letting honesty lead, vulnerability and willingness to let others see themselves in me, that’s the essence of my music. But sonically I’m just another Lagos boy that loves Afrobeats and has a sweet spot for RnB.

Congratulations on In Case I Never Love Again (ICINLA)! How are you feeling about its release?
Thank you! Man! I’m feeling blessed, I’m feeling grateful. The project has be received so well, I’m not saying I’m surprised but it’s so beautiful to see. Reviews left, right and center, people dm-ing me about how the songs really speak to them and how they really needed these songs. That’s success to me because that why I do this, to intimately connect with others on an emotional basis, sharing back and forth. ICINLA was my first time charting in Nigeria, it wasn’t something I set out to do or even bothered about but the album debuted at Number 27 on top albums Nigeria and IF AT ALL peaked in the top 40’s on Top 100 Nigeria. That’s a big deal for me but I’m not letting it get to me or gauge my success. It’s just one of those things.

When did you start working on this project and what were your influences while writing it? What were you listening to, reading, watching, etc?
I started compiling songs under this title in January this year, 2023 but some of these songs were written in as far back as 2019, 2020 and so on. I drew inspiration from all my failed encounters with love interests over the years. I wanted this project to be what Bryson Tiller’s TRAPSOUL was for me in 2016/17/18… therapy. I binged on TRAPSOUL for soooo long.

What concepts and ideas does it discuss?
‘IN CASE I NEVER LOVE AGAIN’ discusses love, ego, vulnerability, doubt, hesitance, pain, heartbreak and acceptance. Basically the ups and downs of a relationship gone sour.

Can you tell us about “If At All”? How did you select this to be the focus track and what was the creative process like for the video?
I felt ‘IF AT ALL’ would be a nice way to introduce people to the story I’m telling on ICINLA, it’s a feel-good song and is infused with pop elements which also makes it a good pick sonically. I wanted the video to ooze naturalness, travel (hence why it was shot in togo), ease and realism. A couple out on vacation having a great time enjoying a new city, till something unseen to the viewer turns things sour as I’m left on the beach alone watching waves crash at shore. IF AT ALL’s music video was such a fun shoot, it was my first time in togo, I enjoyed the food, it’s warm people, the breathtaking views and cultural hotspots.

Is there a track you’re most proud of or one that was most difficult to write?
None of these songs were difficult to write but I feel extremely grateful for “Break Up” because it was the last song to be put on the project while being one the oldest ones, I wrote it in May 2020… it’s a 3 year old song. Bringing it to life had it’s ups and downs, we had to scrap two previous versions of the song before arriving at this one and I’m eternally grateful to BIG FISH and my manager, Toba for holding me down when everything seemed to be falling apart, for ensuring the world got to listen to and enjoy this song.

As your first full album, what does In Case I Never Love Again (ICINLA) tell the world about you as an artist?
ICINLA as my first album tells the world that I’m unapologetically honest, I don’t fit in boxes, that my range is stupendous, that I’m not scared to do what has never been done before, that I’m not scared to be different, that I do what’s best for my art, that I’m a storyteller, it tells them that there’s a lot more where that came from. It tells them to expect the unexpected.

What is next for you?
More projects! Follow up albums, singles, collaborations. I can’t stress how much I’m itching for collabs hahaha, every project I’ve dropped till date has only featured me, lets change that.