The NY-based singer and songwriter brings references from R&B, pop, and soul with a dash of jungle on her new pulse-pounding track.

St-Louis-born vocalist Lisa Ramey is finding her way through the crowds as a rising artist and exploring a handful of genres while creating her unique sonic footprint. On her new single, “Vagabond”, she takes references from R&B, pop and soul with funky jungle beats, to create a catchy and infectious sound, effortlessly engulfing listeners in a flurry of full-bodied, rich tones.

“I’ve dated guys who seemed to be wandering around aimlessly through a desert without a destination. At least that’s how they treated our relationship,” she tells, reflecting on the track. “There was no giving on their side but they would have no problem sucking the soul right out of me. They’d suck all my energy out just to head back to the desert to continue wandering from woman to woman without achieving any grounding in a relationship. I call them sexy zombies. If you let them, they’ll suck the joy out of you then move on to their next target without realizing what they’re doing….or do they?”

Listen to “Vagabond”…