Unveiling Gucci Beauty’s Concentré de Beauté for effortless radiance.

Discover your inner beauty with Gucci Beauty’s Concentré de Beauté, a lightweight concealer that effortlessly melts into your palette to unveil an even, enduring second-skin finish that captures the essence of timeless elegance and understated glamour. This concealer is more than just makeup, it’s an invitation to embrace your natural radiance. Whether partnered with foundation for a flawless canvas or as a touch-up for a quick refresh, this versatile product adapts to every occasion, becoming an inseparable companion in your beauty journey.

Beyond aesthetics, Gucci has injected deep-rooted care into Concentré de Beauté with skin- nurturing ingredients, including the soothing embrace of Black Rose Oil and the hydration infusion of Hyaluronic Acid. Its feather-light texture gently blankets the skin, offering buildable, medium coverage that doesn’t compromise comfort.

Bid farewell to creases and parched skin, this formula will keep you looking and feeling refreshed throughout the day. With every application of Concentré de Beauté, a kiss of endurance and natural elegance unfolds. The Acmella flower extract lends its magic to smooth away the traces of time, creating an enchanting result that defies expectations. The flexible texture dances with your natural beauty, allowing you to apply it with fingers, brushes, or sponges – your imagination is the limit.

Gucci Concentré de Beauté, Available at Selfridges.

Lucy Pemberton
David Lineton
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Olivia Clifford