The house presents their stunning new campaign featuring brand ambassador, Jenna Ortega.

Wednesday’s child might be full of woe, but it’s Tuesday. And Tuesday’s child is full of grace. Jenna Ortega channels just that as the face of Dior’s latest campaign: Rose des Vents.

Embracing playfulness, the Emmy-award winning actress takes to the stage to spotlight the French Maison’s homage to all things elegance and audacity. Ortega steals the internet time and time again (the Addams dance routine lives in our heads rent free) but the 20-year-old storms the internet once more with a collection that epitomises Dior’s execution of excellence.

Typifying the high-spirited mood of the campaign, Dior presents a showcase of savoir-faire accessories by paying homage to Cristian Dior’s hallmark talisman: the lucky star. Madonna might be ringing in your head right about now, but in fact, the history goes deeper.

On an ordinary day in April 1946, the infamous couturier stumbled on a pedestrian crossing, marked on the ground with cast-iron stars. Tripping on a loose star, Dior saw this as his sign of fate – the universe telling him to pursue his dreams and thus came the inception of his couture house. As such, this became the amulet of prosperity for the brand, and finds itself reimagined on Ortega today through the Rose des Vents collection, and the enamoured Rose Célest collection.

Decorating the body with extravagance, Ortega debuts the Rose des Vents Earrings, in yellow gold, diamonds and malachite, to the Rose des Vents alongside the infamous Rose Céleste with long necklaces, rendered in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds, Mother of Pearl and Onyx. Cuff bracelets in pink gold, large Rose des Vents Medallions in malachite and pink opal frame the collection, while Rose Céleste motifs with moon and sun insignias are harmonised throughout.

Under the tenure of Victoire de Castellane, elevating high jewellery at the house of Dior since 1999, ornamental stones adorn chokers, boasting versatility through reversible motifs. With an onus on double-sided interplay and the interchangeability of the jewellery, accessories can be worn on either side, at the discretion of its owner.

Shot by the inimitable Tyler Mitchell – renowned for capturing beautiful moments in culture – the Rose des Vents collection celebrates the celestial mood and nods towards the higher power of astronomy. So if you’re a lover of all things Co-Star and co-ordinate your outfit to your birth chart, join Ortega for the star-studded ride.

You don’t have to look up to the sky to find your star with this collection. With Dior, you can actually reach for the stars.

Dior Rose des Vents is available to purchase now at Dior.com.