Emerging from New Jersey, the pop-indie artist unveils his latest single, a soulful tribute to young romances.

Draped in evocative guitar riffs and catchy melodies, “Restart” stands as an anthem for fresh beginnings and heartfelt reconciliations. A rising star in the pop-rock and indie scene, New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Kevian Kraemer infuses influences from musical icons like Wallows, Aiden Bissett, and Rex Orange County with an essence reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo’s deeply emotive pop sensitivity, adding a youthful zest to his tracks.

After the remarkable success of his prior single “Fly” — which amassed over 6 million views and secured over 1 million likes on TikTok — “Restart” is set to further cement Kevian’s reputation as a Gen-Z favourite. Deeply grounded in his personal experiences and feelings, Kevian’s tunes adeptly portray the complexities and joys of growing up.

The new track serves as his personal ode to love, echoing sentiments on emotional connectivity and the exhilarating spirit of a young romance. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Kevian shares, “I wrote ‘Restart’ when I turned 17 and my girlfriend and I got in our first real fight. I was writing to process my feelings and through trying to write the song realised that love isn’t just a feeling, it’s about having the will to still want someone when things get hard.” It’s a simple yet effective concept that Kevian nails with emotional connectivity for listeners of any generation.

Listen to “Restart” below or stream on any platform here….