The musical duo of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall mark a fresh chapter of artistry with their new single, a haunting depiction of the dynamic complexities of life and love.

The story of Flora Cash began long before Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall ever met. It is one that perfectly depicts the powerful connectivity of music and makes a strong case in favour of the digital streaming age. Growing up across an ocean from one another, Lleshaj and Randall both found a voice and sense of solace in songwriting and production experimentation. For Lleshaj, this came after her family was forced to flee her home of Kosovo for Sweden due to war, and for Randall, this was in response to a childhood raised by a single mother after his father was incarcerated. Though they came from vastly different backgrounds and experiences, they developed a similar love and talent for music, which ultimately brought them together on common ground. United on SoundCloud in 2012, they quickly met up in Minneapolis and soon fell in love. The rest is history.

Under the name Flora Cash, the pair released a series of early EPs, experimenting and refining their sound until they exploded onto the scene with hit single “You’re Somebody Else”. Now synonymous with their alternative, melancholic yet uplifting sound, discussing themes ranging from love to mental health to social corruption to philosophy to identity, they mark a new era with their brand single, “I’m tired”. With as profound storytelling as ever, the track is a haunting and atmospheric single that explores the unspoken nuances and intricacies in love.

On the track, Flora Cash states: “With ‘I’m Tired’, we channeled those silent moments where words fall short, highlighted by ‘I’m disappointed in you, but I don’t have words.’ The haunting late-night piano melodies and morning edits in our home studio gave birth to this track. It captures the essence of our sound while venturing into new territory.”

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