In celebration of her new single, the confessional pop princess lets us in on her favourite Canadian artists and songs.

Born in Canada and based in London, Cate has found a niche balance of country-pop, pairing introspective lyricism with upbeat melodies for dynamic, honest, and comprehensive storytelling. Discussing vulnerable ideas of self-reflection and the ins and outs of love, life, friendship, and identity, she sprinkles in early 2000s glitter and a sense of joy and empowerment that permeates through each track. She has fun with her sound, and her fans do too.

Her new track, “One Hit Wonder,” is a crowd pleaser. Tongue-in-cheek, witty, and playful, it stemmed from joking around with her friends. “I wrote ‘One Hit Wonder’ with my friends last summer after making a joke that a man that I was dating was one,” she explains. “Then the joke went a bit too far when we wrote a whole song out of a whole bunch of one hit wonders. It’s about someone who only really gives you one good summer of fun, but never anything else. And as much as you want to get the song out of your head – you just can’t.”

To celebrate the release, Cate has rounded up her favourite Canadian artists and songs into a glorious playlist for us all to enjoy.

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Haley Blais

Favourite Songs: “Coolest Fucking Bitch In Town”, “Be Your Own Muse”, “The Cabin”

I fell in LOVE with “Coolest Fucking Bitch In Town” the second I heard it. Haley is one of the coolest artists coming out of Vancouver right now, and I can’t wait to see what she releases next.

Tommy Lefroy

Favourite Songs: “Mortals”, “Northern Towns”, “Trashfire”

I’m very biassed with this pick, because this band contains 2 of my favourite people in this whole world (Tessa & Wynter). I met Tessa right before I moved to London and she was crazy enough to move with me and live with me for 2 years. Their lyrics are so smart, and honest, and true to who they are, and I love them so much.


Favourite Songs: “A Phone Call In Amsterdam”, “hiccup”, “There’s Still A Light In The House”

I fell in love with this band when I saw them open up for Lennon Stella at the Vogue in Vancouver a few years ago. They quickly turned into one of me and my best friend Jayson’s favourite bands. I LOVE Valley!!!


Favourite Songs: “@elio.irl”, “Jackie Onassis”, “CHARGER”

I played “@elio.irl” so many times last year, it was my #2 Spotify Wrapped. ELIO is so cool. I’ve been listening to her since I found “Jackie Onassis” on New Music Friday, and I can’t wait to see what she puts out next.

Poor Boy Rifle

Favourite Songs: “plum”, “worth missing”, “in the midst of breathing”

Another artist I’m extremely biassed about is Poor Boy Rifle. We grew up across the street from each other in a town outside of Vancouver. He just released his first album Stubborn Blood that he produced and wrote by himself, and to me it sounds like growing up in the PNW and our childhood. I love Jay so much – I’m so proud of him, and I’m excited for more music.

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