We premiere the vibrant, characterful visual accompaniment for the R&B singer-songwriter’s latest single.

South-East London singer-songwriter Summer Banton is swiftly becoming a household name in the UK R&B space. Dripping with nostalgia, Banton’s sound is slick and soulful, inspired by the greats that preceded her, from Lauryn Hill to Amy Winehouse.

Her newest slice of serenity comes in the form of “Be My Guest”, a dazzling and colourful single that continues to showcase the craft and charisma of Banton. Cemented in classic R&B with a modern twist, the immersive instrumentation is a gorgeous backdrop for the singer’s soaring vocality and vivid lyrics.

On the track, Banton says, “Be My Guest” combines all of the elements of the iconic 90’s/ 00’s r&b I grew up on. From the production, to the classic r&b chords and the stacked vocals. Ten year old me would be so proud and excited of the song – I’m freaking out that I could write and sing on a song like ‘Be My Guest’, and call it mine!”

We have the pleasure of premiering the accompanying visuals, which are a fun and colourful ode to the past, with the artist proving to be an unstoppable screen presence. She adds, “I wanted the visual to be like the iconic 90s / 00s music videos I watched on MTV growing up. I pictured choreography, drama and iconic outfits and the director, production team and everyone involved really delivered! I had so much fun rehearsing and shooting the video.” 

Watch the visuals below…