The EP dives into the turbulent emotions of a relationship on the rocks, interweaving elements of disco, hip hop, and R&B across its compelling five tracks.

At just 22, rising artist Tommy Richman offers listeners a rich and deeply emotional musical journey with his latest EP, “THE RUSH”. Released under the banner of PULSE Records x ISO Supremacy, this 5-track EP is a tapestry of feelings. Richman’s signature alt hip-hop foundation, infused with sultry R&B undertones, delivers a potent mix of raw emotion and infectious beats. This debut follows closely on the announcement of Richman as the inaugural signee in a collaboration between PULSE Records and ISO Supremacy, the novel label and creative powerhouse helmed by artist Brent Faiyaz.

From the impassioned highs to the painful lows, the EP encapsulates the tumult of a relationship teetering on the edge, channeling both fiery intensity and sensual yearning. “MESSY”, the opening track, is a heartfelt tribute to classic R&B, while “GLOCK 25”, featuring Zachary Moon, brings in a slower tempo that immerses listeners in profound emotion. The EP concludes on an upbeat note with “DEMONS” and “PRAY 2 U,” with the latter combining all the elements of a potential viral TikTok anthem.

Reflecting on the EP, Richman confides, “Putting out THE RUSH feels like an emotional release to me. It’s a lot of pent up energy that I’ve been ready to show the world. – I made a lot of these songs at the lowest point in my life, no money, no stability, no support, I stayed on my friend Jonah’s couch for 6 months working on this project. I still listen back excited every time I hear these songs.”

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