The Haitian-American singer unveils an infectious single that merges ’70s-spiced funk references with an alt-pop melody.

Rising singer and songwriter Evenson is taking the pop music scene by storm. Following the immense success of his song “How Can I Sleep,” which garnered over 1.6 million streams globally, this Connecticut-born talent presents another potential hit, “Waiting on Sunshine.”

Christopher Plante masterfully produced the song, weaving in ’70s funk inspirations with contemporary alt-pop vibes. Evenson vividly narrates the magic and intensity of a newfound romantic spark. “It felt like we were briefly existing in a cocoon untouched by time and the outside world,” he muses. “It was a fleeting moment in time that was unshaken by the circumstances of our individual lives.” He was determined to encapsulate this sentiment in the track and believes he accomplished this.

“Waiting on Sunshine” is accompanied by a music video directed by long-time collaborator, Jacob Rodier. Rodier has previously directed clips for the singles “Pretender,” “If I Ever Feel Better,” and “LUNGS.” To infuse the video with movement and emotional depth, acclaimed choreographer Kristen Stambolic and professional dancer Sasha Speed were enlisted.

Reflecting on his early years, Evenson discusses his personal struggles with identity and the profound influence of music on his sense of self. “I was either too black or too white for the world around me,” he remarks. “I looked inward to find my place in the world. My relationship with art was pivotal.” He cites influences from artists such as Kid Cudi, Lorde, Frank Ocean, Prince, and Bowie during his formative years. “My mom was always playing music around the house,” he recalls.