We connect with the Argentinian superstar, discussing her artistic journey, finding her sound, and her superb recent releases.

A pioneering pop talent who has taken her acclaim for national to international over the past few years, EMILIA is beckoning in world stardom. The Argentinian trailblazer is heavily inspired by sounds of the 90s and 00s, heralding the major pop stars of those respective eras as her main source of musical influence.

It’s been a busy year for the singer-songwriter, unveiling an array of excellent, eclectic cuts and feature appearances that have widened her market and flaunted her craft. The vibrant recent release of “Guerreo.mp3” has now been followed by one of her most adventurous tracks to date. New single “GTA.mp3” is an immersive and groove-laden track that is designed to get listeners on their feat, rhythmically and stylistically unique.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the superstar waiting-in-the-wings, discussing her artistic journey, finding her sound, and her superb recent releases.

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How did you first begin making music?
I started making music when my grandfather gave me my first guitar. When I first started I was making music that was more Argentina influenced, like tango, but now I’m making pop music. I was in a band before becoming a solo artist.

How did you find your sound?
I grew up listening to so much music from the 90s and 00s. I think it’s the best era. I listened to a lot of US pop, like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Missy Elliot, all those women inspired my music. I tried to make a sound like that, with my lyrics and my story, and I love how people can connect with that.

What is it about that sound of music that inspires you to create in a similar style?
The thing that inspires me is the message of the songs. They are powerful messages and I can relate to them. I love pop melodies. When I was young I was dreaming about being an artist, and I think I sing right now how a young Emilia dreamed.

Your 2022 single, “La Chain”, was the first time Beyoncé gave an Argentinian artist use to one of her melodies. How did it feel, receiving that news?
It was incredible, I really can’t believe it. It was unbelievable. I think it’s a consequence of all the sacrifice and hard work. It makes me so proud. I do it all with my team, and it’s amazing for all of us.

A lot of your recent tracks have “mp3” written at the end of them. What’s the meaning behind that?
When I was young, I had an MP3 player, and I remember all the songs finish with that. It puts in context to be people about that era. There is something meaningful about that era. I want to put people who listen to my music in that era, because the music that I make right now is inspired by then. There are kids who hear me that don’t know about mp3, and I want to show them that there is more than digital. I think there’s something iconic about that time, and mp3 represents something important to it.

What’s the meaning behind your recent release, “Guerrero.mp3”?
It is the most vulnerable song I’ve released. I think it’s a very sensitive song and I love how people can connect with that. I know so many people going through the battle.

What do you want a listener to take away from the song?
I love when people who hear the song can relate to the song. My father had cancer and I know so many people can connect with that story.

What is the thoughts behind “GTA.mp3”?
It’s very important to me because it’s a very different song for me. People will never hear me like that, so I’m excited for the next steps.

What is to come from you this year?
I am working on an album and I’ve been on tour in Europe. I’m working a lot on my music and I’m excited for my next steps.