The provoking debut album from genre-bending multi-facet is an impressive and profound listening experience.

Photography by Ananya Tanttu

Photography by Ananya Tanttu

Ellipsis is as sprawling emotionally as it is musically. The new body of work from London-born, but well-travelled multi-disciplinarian Nicki Wells takes you through the inner-workings of her memory, thoughts and outlook atop intricate instrumentals that merge as far ranging sounds as Celtic folk, Western pop and Indian classical, amalgamating a mature and mesmeric style that truly sounds like nothing else you’re likely to hear this year.

Impressively self composed, played, recorded and produced by Wells, the sound of Ellipsis is heavily inspired a childhood spent across the globe, from her South-London birth from a farm outside Rome to a stint in the foothills of the Himalayas.

This multi-cultural nature is reflected in the ethos of her artistry, as she intertwines stylistic tendencies with effortless ease across the LP. She herself comments: “I’m very used to movement and diverse ways of expressing myself. My work is definitely an amalgamation of all my experiences growing up; it’s like a combination of nature and nurture… where you live and how that shapes you, and what you take from life as you go through it.”

It’s a record with a statement of independence hidden beneath its beauty. A true hidden gem, make sure to immersive yourself within this stellar offering from an exciting musical talent.

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