The cross genre duo continue to impress with their stellar sophomore single …

Photography by Mini_Photography

Photography by Mini_Photography

Consisting of impressive DJ and producer Charisse C and artist and vocalist Koek Sista, The Ascension is the hotly tipped duo emerging to add another layer of effervescent to the Amapiano genre. Now based in London to native to South Africa and Ziimbabwe respectively, the duo blend in stylistic tendencies from Gqom and African dance into their Amapiano driven sound, bursting with vibrancy and meticulously crafted.

The pair have unveiled their second single, “I Said What I Said”, a statement release that will surely see them rise swiftly through the ranks despite being so early on in their career. This track is set to ignite the dance floor and refresh the club scene with pulsing beats and immense, high quality production.

Their debut EP, “The Ascension”, set for release on October 20th, promises innovation and expansion throughout the body of work. Charisse C’s executive production prowess and Koek Sista’s cathartic vocals create a bold, club-ready sound that defies boundaries. Their partnership is rooted in a shared passion for pushing creative limits, resonating deeply with the essence of sisterhood and artistry.

The Ascension’s stellar rise speaks volumes. Their synergy injects new life into club settings, elevating the live experience to an art form. This new single is a testament to their visionary talent and innovation.

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