We sat down with the hook master to discuss why being Jamaican is pinnacle to his artistry, and the main themes that run through his new EP.

Producer and songwriter Projexx is quickly becoming known as a hook connoisseur. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, the rising singer-songwriter had music ingrained into his childhood, with his dad being esteemed producer Lloyd “John John” James, and his grandfather being iconic dancehall producer Jing Jammy.

Throughout the years of writing and creating, Projexx has developed his sound into a melting pot of styles, from pop to rap to dancehall, allowing the artist to stand out through his versatility and progressive artistic vision. This advancing approach to artistry has been highlighted in perhaps the most apparent way to date with the release of “GRIM TAPE, VOL.II”, his striking and impressive new body of work. The most concise work of the talent’s career, the new project is cinematic, charismatic and colourful, and boasts a strong collection of features, from Aleicia on “Grim Song”, to Simon Said. on “Mercy”, and Giggs and Marksman on lead single “Top Speed”.

To highlight the release of the excellent tape, we sat down with Projexx to discuss his early music memories, why being Jamaican is pinnacle to his artistry, and the main themes that run through “GRIM TAPE, VOL.II”.

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Hey Projexx! How are you? How is life treating you currently?
I feel good right now, focused and motivated.

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?
Refreshing, versatile and melodic

Being the son of legendary producer Lloyd “John John” James and grandson of the legendary dancehall producer King Jammy – music has always been in your roots. What are some of the earliest memories you have of falling in love with songwriting and production?
Seeing one of my uncles producing a beat for the first time inspired me to try making beats on my own. Tried it and it felt like music was what I was destined to do

What have been some of the main lessons you have learnt from your father and grandfather in regard to creating music?
I learned professionalism and how to maintain quality in the music.

How did growing up in Jamaica influence the evolution of your artistry?
Growing up in Jamaica has everything to do with my artistry, the culture, our people, the way of life, our arts and our music and also how talented and driven our people are, are all good effects on upcoming artists like myself.

Congratulations on your project “GRIM Tape Vol II”. Can you talk us through the inspiration and creative process behind the tape?
Creating the tape was pure fun and experimenting and it was special because I worked mostly with people who I see everyday and have genuine connections. The process was just magical. 

What are you saying thematically across the tape?
This mixtape talks lifestyle thrill, money, sex, violence, a little bit of everything.

You have worked with other industry giants such as Giggs and Wizkid, what does it mean to you to work alongside these artists?
It means a lot to be working with the greats I feel blessed and honoured to be working with some of the greatest in the games opportunities like that makes me feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

What has been a major pinch me moment for you so far in your career?
Probably performing True Love with Wiz in Miami.

What is one bit of advice you would pass on to someone just beginning their music career?
My advice is to always believe in yourself.

What can your fans expect from you for the rest of 2023? Any other exciting new projects?
More interesting collaborations and an album soon.