The rising polymath has once again driven his sound forward, unveiling an impressive single.

A creative with many cross industry talents, Brooklyn-based Dräger is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and director, with ties across the music, film and fashion industries. Influenced by a range of sounds and styles, from 80s synth pop to 90s psychedelia, the talent has been shaping a sound and aesthetic, with all of his recordings written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered entirely by himself at his home studio.

The newest offerings from Dräger comes in the form of “Midnight Mystery”, a dreamy, striking track that sees the artist flaunting his broody vocals atop a moody, synth-driven soundscape. The vocals document a tale of love and loss, with Dräger using the metaphor of a “Midnight Mystery” to represent an ex beau.

Speaking on the track, the artist comments, “Midnight Mystery” was originally intended for a compilation album for Italians Do It Better but then I kept it to myself. So I had this dark synth pop track about summer which felt a little different from the course I was going. It kind of marked a point in what I wanted to do next though and am glad the inspiration came from outside of me just sitting around jamming like I always do. I tend to do well when I’m writing for something as opposed to just writing for the sake of writing. I’d been dealing with a big move to the west coast and going through a messy break up with just a lot of emotions that’d hit me in the middle of the night. I’ve always felt we are more in touch with our feelings when the sun goes down, or perhaps we are just more emotional and impulsive. I’d get this creeping wonder about the life I left behind in New York. It was a wonder about the person I left behind and also just with myself, “had I made the right call in moving?” It was a very dark period of just not really knowing what I was embarking on. The anxiety late at night would become the byproduct. 2022 was just a strange rebirth in a new town hanging on to a lot of what I missed back home in New York. I think there is something about the summer season as well where no one sleeps and that heat that keeps people primal and wild.

Watch the vibrant accompanying music video below…