Dive into a realm of nostalgia with this cinematic offering from the captivating rising star you need to know about…

Dive into a realm of mesmerising bliss with Shiv’s latest masterpiece, “Innocent”, an enchanting musical journey that pulls at heartstrings. In a captivating blend of music and memory, this Philadelphia artist unveils an impressive visual, inviting us to wander down memory lane with him. Despite being just 20, Shiv exudes a wisdom beyond his years, weaving his life’s narrative into soul stirring melodies.

Hailing from New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania, Shiv’s multi-faceted talents shine thrugh. A rap connoisseur with an innate production curiosity, he’s also a sports and branding enthusiast even boasting his own clothing line, Lahsutah. “Innocent”, a track that defines Shiv’s artistry, is a nostalgic look at his childhood and the innocence that has gone by.

Shiv’s voice, his ultimate instrument, emanates profound emotions effortlessly. His music is a testament to his versatility, bridging gaps and touching souls. Each soulful ballad and spirited anthem showcases his prowess as a singer and a storyteller. With a rich musical background, Shiv’s performances resonate deeply, leaving audiences captivated and craving more. Embark on this nostalgia-laden journey, guided by Shiv’s melodious magic.

Take in “Innocent” now…