Otherworldly, whimsical and enchanting – add this captivating EP to your playlist now…

Veronica continues to enchant with her stellar new EP “Just A Dream”, featuring her highly acclaimed track and single “The Lake Of The Dead”. Her spellbinding sound is truly a refreshing addition to the alt-pop scene and her otherworldly stance on storytelling shines through her whimsical lyricism.

Talking on the EP herself, Veronica says, “This EP is a collection of stories inspired by my experiences in dreams and real-life, all intricately woven together by a sense of bittersweetness. Through these melodies, we delve into the poignant recognition that certain chapters of our lives must inevitably conclude, while also exploring the profound interconnectedness of souls and the vast expanse of the universe. Each song encapsulates moments that made me feel a profound connection not just to this world but also to other ethereal realms. It’s as if a touch of magic flows through me, as well as everyone around. With these songs, we embrace the boundless potential to shift and shape the experiences we yearn for, understanding that our destinies are not fixed but rather malleable to our desires.”

“As Dancers” commences with haunting strings combined with a delicate and understated piano melody. Ethereal synthetic pads permeate the auditory realm as Veronica’s vocals grace the scene. Gradually, this instrumental arrangement gains momentum, intertwining with harmonies, giving rise to a dynamic tapestry that evolves into a vibrant musical composition. The artist’s emotive and poignant vocals resonate amidst the instrumentation, reaching a heartfelt and melancholic crescendo. The arrangement reaches its zenith in a burst of vibrancy before transitioning into a solitary piano melody, gently guiding us away from the EP’s musical journey.

Veronica reigns supreme in the alt-pop genre with her fantasy infused sound, one we can’t wait to watch soar around the world.

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