The Peruvian-Egyptian, LA-based rising star unveils a stellar new track, “Existential Daydream”, with a video to match.

Photography by Brooke Olsen

Photography by Brooke Olsen

Jen Awad has unveiled her newest track, “Existential Daydream”, and it is an absolute treat. Created over 10 years, during a time of great sadness that saw her questioning her identity as an artist, it showcases her evolution into a woman seeing the world for what it is. As Jen deep dived into her own visionary, she nurtured this beautifully crafted track into existence. Making the decision to complete the project with her friend and producer, Eric Jackowitz, the two catapulted the body into a 70s record, pulling inspiration their favourite Elo Supertramp and Queen.

“Existential Daydream” was released with an incredible music video, directed by Jordan Thomas. Speaking on the concept, Awad explains, “The video concept was something that I had dreamt up for months if not longer. The story of a woman who gambles her heart away knowing the risk and wins but is chased by the “villains” leading her into different dimensions; a fairy world, a 70s party, a carnivorous dinner party and a very eyes wide shut scenario. Every time she slips into another dimension shit gets weirder. She realizes that the only way to stop running is to break her own heart and liberate herself. It’s about not resisting growth and embracing the good and painful things that come from life. No more running.”

Garnering widespread acclaim for her live shows, Jen is renowned for her powerful voice and star quality onstage. Her electric vocals drive her captivating tales, enchanting anyone who listens. An exceptional addition to the soul scene, she embodies the likes of Etta James and Tina Turner — and her talents are set to soar around the world.

Jen Awad is celebrating this release at the Moroccan Lounge on August 27. Buy tickets here.

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