Psychedelic, magnetic and defiant – delve into the world of this captivating visionary…

Photography by Bolivar Hope

Photography by Bolivar Hope

Live through the lense of the defying visionary, Föllakzoid, in their latest cinematic offering “V-II”. A psychedelic techno masterpiece that transports all listeners into a seductive tale straight to the dance floor.

This immersive opus showcases the act’s efforts to unlearn the narratives which shape the musical and visual paradigms that shape physical and digital conceptions. With a music video being a montage from Dominga Garcia-Huidobro’s film “Partir to Live, trippy dissolving scenes paint the picture of this stellar track, igniting their audiences inner psychedelic rock flame. “V-II” took a well deserved month to construct, through 70 separate stems; guitars, bass, drums, synthesisers, and vocals – all recorded in isolation.

Föllakzoid is an outstandingly refreshing addition to the scene alt-dance scene. V is the exercise of telling an extensive story about nothing with a minuet number of words necessary. Through heart-pounding bass, cantering beats, whirling melodies, and a sinister allure that feels at times like genuine hypnosis. An overwhelmingly magnetic force to be reckoned with, Föllakzoid is making cementing their sounds worldwide and we love to see it.

Föllakzoid will be heading out on a tour of Europe in October and is offering a limited amount of free tickets for trans-identified people, in celebration of releasing their new album, V, his fifth to date, via New York’s Sacred Bones.

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We caught up with the act…

How did you first find yourself creating?
Creation for me started happening by sort of loosing myself into reiteration…when i started playing music I wasn’t focused on the final product. the way we enter this state is through patter repetition and creation appears as an inevitable variation that appears somehow. I like to call it irreflexive forward movement and methodic backwards analysis.

What was the process of making your new single?
The actual song is 10 minutes long and is part of the four track album of similar lengths. for this single we did a shorter edit with Leslie Garcia of the Mexican collective interespecifics that captured the essence of the song in an even more compressed way.

What does the song mean to you?
This song is a voyage inwards, but takes me sort of to farther regions of the inner world, not where i usually land when looking inwards. so it feels like an jump into an abyss in a way.

What’s next for you?
I’m super excited bout releasing this because we have a month long tour starting October 10 all around Europe where i will be playing this songs for the first time with a live band. also excited bout having limited free tickets for trans people for this tour.