Join this soaring star on her latest intergalactic listening journey…

Energetic and innovative Pittsburgh hip-hop artist, Lexa Terrestrial, stuns once again with her latest single “X Files”, a gravity-defying track that catapults listeners through uncharted musical realms. Blending trap, grunge, 90s R&B, lo-fi raps, melodies, and metal, Lexa’s unique sound captivates and is a refreshing addition to the scene.

Overcoming health challenges, she injects her infectious spirit into her art, forging connections that transcend convention. “X Files” explores extraterrestrial life with thought-provoking lyrics, weaving metaphors that reflect her identity and beliefs.

Speaking on her artistry, Lexa explains “Often taken back by my size and appearance, I wanted people to be like, ‘Who is this girl?’ Or question if it even is one. The song, its impressively low registers and bass all hit so well and will make your car and bones vibrate. I want to make those that need it feel like a badass when they listen to it.”

“X Files” is more than just a song, it’s a testament to Lexa’s resilience, creativity, and individuality as an artist, inspiring listeners to embrace empowerment and wonder. Join Lexa on her intergalactic journey and feel the dynamic energy of “X Files”.

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