The rising R&B star discusses his partnership with American Express and Depop, curating an exclusive festival edit and championing a circular fashion industry.

Rising star Elmiene has collaborated with peer-to-peer fashion marketplace Depop and American Express to curate an exclusive collection of festival looks. Available for Depop users in the UK, the edit is part of a six-month partnership between the two companies focused on festival fashion and the power of resale. Collaborating with talent performing at headline festivals, who each handpick an exclusive drop, the initiative blends areas of sustainability, fashion, music, and culture.

Too often, festival fashion is unsustainable. Fast fashion companies know they can sell cheap, low-quality garments to concert-goers who want a new look for the weekend. As an alternative to fast fashion, Depop provides a solution for the balance between affordability and sustainability — providing customers with pre-loved pieces that are visually unique, carry intriguing stories, and will make wearers want to keep them safe.

“Depop is constantly looking to reach new audiences and provide our existing customers with compelling new ways to sample, or commit to circular fashion long term,” explains Peter Semple, Depop’s Chief Marketing Officer. “For over a decade, American Express has delivered a range of unforgettable festival experiences, so the festival-wear partnership felt like a natural fit, and we get to speak to our community with the help of up and coming artists who embody their bold, creative spirit. With sustainability increasingly at the forefront of festival goers’ agendas, Depop users have the chance to shop curated style edits while promoting and celebrating the incredible circular fashion on our platform.”

Elmiene, who has written with Stormzy and produced with Sampha, is a fast rising star taking the festival season by storm. With a slot at Luno presents All Points East, the prestige of having his track “Golden” selected for Virgil Abloh’s final Louis Vuitton show, and a growing reputation for his fashion sense, the artist is the perfect collaborator for initiative. And the Elmiene Edit is a treat for fans and Depop enthusiasts across the country.

Having paved the way for exciting festival experiences, American Express continues to innovate and champion the intersection of creative industries. “We’re thrilled to continue our global partnership with Depop at All Points East, which caps an incredible music festival season in the UK this summer”, adds Aaron Burke, VP Global Brand Sponsorships & Experiential Marketing at American Express. “Throughout 2023 we have seen how many festival attendees have loved nostalgic in-the-moment experiences. We’re excited to show once again that what’s old is new again through our Y2K-themed festival experiences and partnership with Depop. Working with Elmiene, with his fashion credibility and inimitable style, felt like a natural fit and we hope his festival edit inspires our communities to have fun sourcing their festival style more sustainably.”

We heard from Elmiene about All Points East, his fashion evolution, and what’s to come.

The Elmiene Edit is available now online and via the Depop app: view here.

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Hey Elmiene! How are you? What does a day in the life look like for you right now?
If I had to really summarise it, my days are spacing out and then suddenly realising I’m in a different mode of transport or I return to my body and I’m suddenly looking at a restaurant menu.

How would you describe your sound? And how did you first fall in love with music?
The best way I can describe my sound is that it is me trying my best to translate my crying into music, an outcry of emotion. Like Stevie Wonder on They Won’t Go Where I Go or Donny Hathaway on I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know. Listening to Dangelos Voodoo is my first memory of me truly connecting and falling in love with music as an art form.

Who have been major inspirations to you musically and personally throughout your career so far?
Of course the greats, Stevie Wonder, Dangelo, Prince, Donny Hathaway but on a more personal level through working with them Jamie Woon, James Vincent Mccmorrow and Jack Peñate.

You have worked very closely with both the iconic Stormzy and Sampha. Can you tell us more about the experience of working with them?
The experience working with the two of them felt very definitive in my career, working with them was my first feeling of “wow I’m kind of a pro at this”. It made me feel legit.

“Golden” was selected for Virgil Abloh’s final Louis Vuitton show. How did this opportunity arise and what did it mean to you to be involved?
The opportunity came from a coincidental meeting with Benji B at a studio. He had happened to walk in while I was playing Golden and the rest went from there. Seeing my work on that kind of stage ,especially that early on in my career, gave me hope that writing music might just be what I’m cut out for.

How has your fashion sense evolved alongside your music career?
My fashion sense has gone from -9000 up to I would say a 100 maybe so I’ve got a long way to go (I don’t know what these numbers mean). I went from wearing purely torn trackies to wearing sick kaftans and flowy grand stuff, a massive jump.

I see ahead of your All Points East performance you’ve partnered with AMEX and Depop to launch your own festival edit. Talk me through how this exciting partnership came about.
Fashion has been a huge part of my musical journey so far, and something I feel strongly about as I carve out this next chapter of my career. I’m excited to be working with American Express and Depop to bring my own bright, unique style evolution to life IRL. I’ve been buying Manga off Depop low key for years, so I’m super excited about this partnership.

If you could curate a performance outfit right here right now, what would you style yourself in?
Clogs, Afro Comb, leather kaftan with the American flag on it, cc Juelz Santana.

Talk us through the inspiration behind your festival edit with Depop? What is a standout piece for you?
Anything kapital, hopefully they want to make me a kaftan so if I meet John Mayer we’ve got an ice breaker.

Can you share any exciting upcoming projects with us? What is in the pipeline for the rest of 2023?
Another EP and I think my twin might release his first single.

American Express and Depop have partnered with rising R&B star Elmiene on an exclusive festival edit, allowing shoppers to purchase pre-loved clothing in his distinct style. The edit is available now online and via the Depop app American Express and Depop