The alternative-infused grunge/hip-hop musician has a new single, and it is an empowering track encouraging listeners to stand up for themselves.

Photography by Hassan Hadi

Photography by Hassan Hadi

Rising Australian star Jack Garritty, known professionally as SLOE JACK, may have begun his musical journey only a year ago, but you’d never know. Instantly connecting with a growing fanbase, he has carved out his own niche of grunge-meets-hip-hop and is using his evolving platform to drive change. Passionate about challenging societal norms, making political statements, and using his status and privilege to give voice to the voiceless, he tackles important topics and sparks conversations amongst listeners.

His newest track, “2 WORDS”, is SLOE JACK at his best. A blend of hip-hop, grunge, and alternative soundscapes, the track features clever lyricism with socio-political statements that encourage a generation to find their inner power and stand up for what they deserve. The empowering single is a call to action, and makes us extra excited for what’s to come from the budding artist.

Speaking about the single, SLOE JACK explains: “I wrote this to convey a resolute message: regardless of your background, you can achieve your dreams by staying true to your mission. “2 WORDS” reassures listeners that they don’t have to endure suffering from anyone. It’s a call to embrace inner strength, defy limitations, and forge one’s own path to success. I am very proud of this track as I believe this message needs to be shared.”

Out now with a DIY-style music video, “2 WORDS” will not disappoint.

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