The emerging Serbian-British artist has returned to unveil his latest ethereal single.

Luka Gliša, an independent artist with Serbian and British roots, is impressing with his sound that feels consuming, unique and otherworldly. Merging the sonic characteristics of natural sounds with live instrumental, it’s a sound that stands out from the masses, bringing a Slavic aesthetic into the wider Western industry in a nuanced and interesting manner. He tells us, “I try my best not to compare myself too much to others and create music that feels right to me at the time of making it.”

2023 has seen Gliša unveil two terrific singles, “Honesty” and “Day With U”, and he has now returned for a third offering of the year. Entitled “Here For You”, the track offers intricate acoustic guitar work, immersive production from Charlie Moreton, and soaring vocals, as the singer-songwriter continues to move into a lane of his own. Thematically, the track touches on the relationship cycle and the delicacy of the industry and life as an artist.

Introspective, heartfelt and sonically appealing, the new single is a shining example of the adept ability of the impressive rising creative.

Listen to the track below…